Lots of folks like to hate on MySpace. Sure, it has a web design that makes you cry sometimes. Sure, profiles can be ugly as sin and crash your browser.

But guess what? In addition to 300 million+ profiles, 110 million+ active users, and new data portability initiatives, MySpace has a messaging system.

You may say, so what, Chris? What’s the big deal about MySpace’s equally unpleasant messaging system?

MySpace messages

The deal is this: what percentage of your emails get delivered? Not opened, not read, not clicked. Delivered. Get there in the first place. Do you know? Chances are good it’s not 100%.

For all its flaws, MySpace’s messaging system has 100% deliverability once you friend someone or they friend you. If you’re doing marketing on MySpace, you at least know the message is getting there. Read/acted on is different, but the same rules that govern whether someone opens and acts on your emails govern MySpace messages as well.

You don’t have to market on MySpace. You don’t have to pay attention to any social network – but chances are your competitors are.

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