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… be sure to check out the Quotes page. It’s a slowly growing compilation of things I learn, hear, read, etc. that resonate, little pieces of profound knowledge that help me.

Profound knowledge, as defined by Anthony Robbins, is knowledge that is quickly and easily transmitted, but life-altering. Once you get it, you can never go back to being the person you used to be. One of my favorite examples of profound knowledge is the rule of thirds in photography.

Look at your viewfinder on your digital camera. Imagine a tic-tac-toe grid on it. Line up your pictures to put the subjects at the intersections of the lines.

Instantly, your photography changes – once you understand the concept, you can’t ever go back to the person you were just moments ago. That’s profound knowledge.

The quotes page is a place where I store the pieces as I find them.

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