You Ask, I Answer: Standing Out in Crowded Content Marketing?

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You Ask, I Answer: Standing Out in Crowded Content Marketing?

Ashram asks, “What is your advice for standing out in the crowd in a highly saturated content creation market? i feel like many marketers are trying this approach compared to other industries.”

You Ask, I Answer: Standing Out in Crowded Content Marketing?

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Christopher Penn 0:13

In today’s episode, ashram asks, What is your advice for standing out in the crowd in a highly saturated content creation market? I feel like many marketers are trying this approach compared to other industries.

Well, yeah, I mean, people have been cranking out content for a while.

And, okay, so content is stuff, right? It’s art, it’s, you know, the written word is video, it’s audio, it’s, it’s stuff, it’s a thing.

The value that you provide, is, what’s going to set you apart is your content more valuable than all the other people creating content, because there’s a lot of content out there in the world.

That really sucks.

It’s just terrible.

I saw, there’s one blog that uses a bad neural natural language processing module to basically take other people’s blogs, rewrite them with wacky synonyms, and then publish it.

And that’s their attempt at creating valuable content is an intellectual property violation.

And you know, the the various lawyers have been notified.

But it doesn’t add any value, right, rewriting somebody else’s stuff doesn’t add any value.

So the advice that I would give is based on a sort of a slogan or phrase that my friend Todd different used to say, back when I worked at his agency, and he said, for public relations to work.

There’s three words you have to embody.

And you can be any one of these three, but you need at least one to be newsworthy.

First, best, only.

What do you first at? What are you best at? What did the only one that can do something? So look at your content? Is the content that you’re publishing? The first on topic? Right? If you were writing about NF, t’s three years ago, yeah, you are pretty close to first, particularly in your industry? Is your content objectively the best, the most research the most thorough, the most valuable? Is it hands down the single best thing anybody could read? The answer’s no, you know, then you’re not the best is your content, the only one of its kind in a way that the customer values because, yeah, you can face roll on a keyboard that’s unique.

That’s the only one that’s kind of that’s also not really valuable.

For example, with with Trust Insights, we publish this silly series every year, called Pumpkin Spice data analytics.

And, to my knowledge, it is the only one of its kind, but it is always an educational piece to show what’s possible with data, what’s possible when you look at data from a space and turn it into something.

And that stands out because nobody else is doing that.

As somebody who’s a data scientist and works with a lot of data, I find of first best only only is the easiest for me to work with.

Because we all sit on ridiculous amounts of data that we’re just not using, we’re not using well.

And if we use it well, for us to unlock insights to to find things that other people can’t find.

That makes us the only one of a kind that can look at a certain type of data and create value from it, particularly things that are cultural zeitgeist moments like, you know, pumpkin spice date analytics is a very light hearted example, a very heavy example.

Every year, in June, just before June, just before Pride Month, we do an exhaustive analysis of crimes, hate crimes against LGBTQ folks.

Again, that level of analysis is on the only side.

I don’t know of any other organization that’s building the same kinds of models that we are to analyze hate crimes against the LGBTQ plus community that stands out.

That stands out.

I think we were also first a few years ago when we started doing that.

But first best only is a great benchmark.

All of them best is the hardest, right? Best is the hardest because it requires the most resources.

If you’re writing a guide to CRM systems, well guess what? You’ve got a lot of competition.

You’ve got a ton from competitors that have really, really really big pocket books.


Christopher Penn 4:46

Good luck creating a best in class piece of content against the team [email protected] or Hubspot.


It’s gonna be a slog.

So first is definitely possible if you’ve got some unique a are some unique insight into your industry that allows you to generate news that’s first.

But I find for me only is the best way to go.

But that’s that’s the best advice I can offer.

First, best only to create more value to create value that stands out that people have not seen before.

And that they look at and go, Wow, this helps me understand something or learn something or amuses me whatever the case may be.

But really good question.

Try that template out first, best only look at all of your content piece by piece is is the first of its kind.

Is it the best in our industry is that the only place that you can get this information, maybe make even a little spreadsheet and just you know have three columns is still check the box next to each one and the answer if you got a whole spreadsheet and and none of your content has a first best or only check mark next to it.

Time to sharpen the pencil.

It’s time to start looking at what else you can do to be first best or only at something really good question.

Thanks for asking.

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