You Ask, I Answer: Favorite Podcast Marketing Tools?

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You Ask, I Answer: Favorite Podcast Marketing Tools?

Lauren asks, “What are your three favorite tools for podcast marketing?”

You Ask, I Answer: Favorite Podcast Marketing Tools?

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Christopher Penn 0:13

In today’s episode, Lauren asks, What are your three favorite tools for podcast marketing? For the marketing of a podcast, newsletter, website, and word of mouth, right for the marketing itself of a podcast.

There is no better tool to market a podcast than a robust email newsletter, right? The ability for you to have a direct line to your audience, for them to ask questions for them to reply to things for you to do it to remind them of the content that you’re creating and cranking out all the time.

newsletters that right, I would go so far as to say that if you have a podcast and you don’t have a newsletter, you have missed 50% of podcasting, because for good or ill, across generations across demographics, email marketing is still the reliable standby.

Right? When you look at all the other ways we try to market podcasts.

Very, very few other ways allow us direct contact with our audience, right? Everything else is intermediated by what I call, see, you know, somebody else’s AI, you didn’t when you post about your podcast on social, you’re being intermediated by Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram or Tiktok, you know, your your the algorithms of those sites are interfering with your ability to talk to your audience directly.

When you look at organic search, right, of course, there’s a massive AI and deciding who gets found who does get found, right.

So if you search for marketing podcast, you are not in touch with your audience, right, Google or Bing or whoever is standing in your way.

They are the ones making the decision.

So email, direct line to always text messaging, right.

If you have a text messaging hotline, this is a great way to do that.

You should absolutely have a website, right with show notes.

Because as much as your experience may be intermediated, by things like Google, they also can send you traffic.

And free traffic is not a bad thing.

So you want to make sure that that’s available.

The other thing I would say with podcast marketing is that your show has to not suck, right? You don’t have to sound like Howard Stern right out of the gate.

You work up to that, but your show us to not suck.

And a lot of shows the value they offer is questionable, especially corporate shows, right corporate podcasts are.

In general, this is a generalization in general, they are very dry, they’re extremely self promotional, they are not especially helpful.

They don’t offer a ton of value for the listener.

And what I remind people is would you pay money to subscribe to your company’s podcast? Would you pay even $1 a month as a as a Patreon subscriber to listen to your company’s podcast? If the answer’s no, then your shows not.

Your show is not good enough.

Right? Your you don’t have to have amazing audio quality, you have to have all this crazy gear and all this stuff to make a show worth listening to, you do have to offer value.

And that value is absent from a lot of podcasts, a lot of corporate podcasts and a lot of podcasts in general.

There’s 2 million of them now.

Right? So not everyone’s gonna be hit not everyone’s going to be the that thing that you really want.

But the quality of the show is your best marketing tool.

Right, the quality of the show and the value it provides whether that’s education, whether that’s engagement, whether that is a community, whether that is entertainment, you got to have a reason why people are going to tune in because think about it, when you are podcasting you are taking you know earbuds then you are asking somebody to stick you into their ear, right? That’s a pretty big deal.

That is a very intimate relationship that you’re having with somebody else right for an auditory and a visual relationship when you’re watching this video on YouTube.

You are

Christopher Penn 4:46

as a communicator, you are engaged in a very intimate one to one relationship.

By the way, that’s one of those little pet peeves I have is podcast to start Hey guys.

Hey everybody.

Who you talking to? It’s just you and me.

We generally don’t listen to podcasts as a group activity.

It’s not like sitting around the fireplace in the 1930s.

Listening to, to the radio, the fireside chats? No, it’s a very intimate one to one experience.

So for me to say, Hey everybody, and you’re looking at like, Who’s he talking to? That’s always comes across as weird.

So, that was me my three tools, Website, email, newsletter, word of mouth, and the word of mouth is contingent on having a show that doesn’t suck.

And the king of the hill is email if you don’t have an email newsletter list, even it’s just a recap of hey, here’s what we talked about on the podcast this week.

You need one.

You absolutely need one do not run a podcast without it.

So really good question.

Thanks for asking.

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