Almost Timely News, 6 March 2022: Power, Intro to Web3, Helping Ukraine

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Almost Timely News, 6 March 2022: Power, Intro to Web3, Helping Ukraine (3/6) :: View in Browser

Almost Timely News

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What’s On My Mind: Power

One of the most common sentiments during the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the people on the outside goes a bit like this:

Feeling powerless

Is this accurate? Are we really powerless? In one sense, perhaps. Very few people have the ability to mobilize a nation’s military beyond national leaders, so our ability to directly intervene is low. A few folks with prior military experience are headed over to Ukraine to fight against the Russian military.

So, is that it? Are we really so powerless?

Of course not. But we’re led to believe so, in part because we’ve forgotten what power is. Power is like energy. It comes in two flavors – potential and kinetic. Potential energy is energy stored up. It’s potential not yet realized. Kinetic is energy in motion, unleashed, put to work. The same is true of our power as individuals. Most of the time, we’re not using ours. We’re not expressing ourselves, sharing our voice, doing, creating. Most of the time we’re more passive. We’re receiving, listening, consuming.

Think about your relationship with content. How much content do you create versus how much content you consume? We spend the vast majority of time consuming, of giving our attention – which is power itself – to someone else, instead of focusing our power on our own creations and inspiring other people with our creations. The act of creation is an act of expressing your power, of turning potential into action. Even just writing a single tweet is an act of expression, putting your power to work.

If you were suffering, and someone posted a message in support of you, how would that make you feel? Even if you didn’t know the person, even if you didn’t have a relationship with that person, just being seen, feeling seen can help. Don’t believe that? Imagine the same suffering, but feeling alone and abandoned.

The irony is that as marketers, we need people to express their power and yet we do such a poor job of encouraging it. What does every social media newsfeed algorithm weight heavily? Engagement. Likes. Shares. COMMENTS. When someone comments, they express themselves, they express their power at least a tiny little bit. We need that for our social media channels to work. We need people to switch from being passive consumers to active creators, even if the act of creation is little more than “LOL OK” on a post.

When you feel powerless in a situation – any situation – and you want that feeling to go away, create. Create something. Create anything. Write a song. Paint a canvas. Sing. Write a paragraph. Draw. Dance. Speak. Express yourself. Bring what’s inside your head out into the world in a tangible form so that other people can benefit from it, be it 5 people or 5 billion people. For people who are suffering, showing them that you see them, that you acknowledge them, that you fight for them in the best way you know how will help them at least a little. And as you become a better creator, you’ll attract an audience. Your self-expression will earn you the power of attention, of awareness, perhaps even some fans. And then you use that power to do even more good in the world.

All power begins with creation and self-expression. Take the time while you can to sharpen your skills and unleash that power within you.

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ICYMI: In Case You Missed it

If I had to pick one thing for you to review this week, it would be the reminder that you can play an active role in the fight for Ukraine’s freedom.

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