Almost Timely News, 13 March 2022: TikTok Influencers Paper, Influencer Relevance, Sentiment Analysis

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Almost Timely News, 13 March 2022: TikTok Influencers Paper, Influencer Relevance, Sentiment Analysis (3/13) :: View in Browser

Almost Timely News

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Almost Timely News, 13 March 2022

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What’s On My Mind: Influencer Relevance

As I was putting together my newest paper, How to Identify TikTok Influencers, something leapt out at me around influencer identification.

Very often, influencer tools will look for prominent creators who achieve high levels of reach and engagement, and for the most part, most tools do an adequate job of this. However, what tends to happen is that prominent creators get highlighted most, even if the specific topic isn’t their area of specialty.

For example, in the paper, I was looking at floral influencers on TikTok. Plenty of big names to be found, but these were folks who had made one or two pieces of content about the subject – and the rest of their content had nothing to do with floral stuff.

Now, that influencer’s audience may engage with that specific content, but if the influencer in question is, say, a gaming influencer who happened to receive a floral bouquet for their birthday, then all things flowers are not something that audience is deeply interested in. It’d be like me – known mainly for analytics and data stuff – sharing content about flowers. It might be of curiosity, but it’s not my primary value to you.

That alignment – or lack thereof – is the challenge with most influencer identification tools. Why? Because determining alignment takes more time and processing power for a lot of software, as well as some level of human intervention. Here’s an example from the code I wrote to do influencer identification.

First, on a given topic, I talked to my friend Manon Plas, a florist in Southern France, to understand what words and phrases people would associate with all things floral – bouquets, arrangements, specific names of flowers, etc. especially on TikTok. From there, I washed that through an SEO tool to rank all the terms and find associated terms that we might have missed. Once I assembled that list, I built it into the topical relevance scoring. That counts up the total number of posts that an account has about the set of keywords and jargon and expresses it as a percentage.

What percentage of posts does a given account have about all things floral? If it’s only a few percentage points, then you know that even though their content about flowers did well, that’s probably not what their audience cares about. When it’s much larger – 50%, 60%, 70% – then you know the audience of that influencer is there for the topic in question.

Because so many tools on the market can’t do this, you’ll need to do topical relevance on your own. The simplest, but least scalable way, is to use a tool to draw up a list of influencers for your topic of choice and manually check out each of their profiles to see how relevant their last 10-20 pieces of content are to your area of focus.

If you only do influencer campaigns sparingly, this approach will consume time and effort but probably not be too burdensome. If you do influencer campaigns frequently, or are an influencer marketing agency, then you’ll want to automate this process to deliver better, more relevant results.

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