You Ask, I Answer: What Would I Change In My AI Book?

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You Ask, I Answer: What Would I Change In My AI Book?

In this episode, Kelsey asks, “If you were to start writing your book now (AI For Marketers) instead of when you wrote it, what would you change and why?”

You Ask, I Answer: What Would I Change In My AI Book?

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Okay, let’s get started.

The Kelsey asks, If you were to start writing your book now, this is AI for marketers, instead of when you wrote it, what would you change and why? Well, the challenge with writing any technology book is that the moment you hit publish, it’s out of date.

And that’s doubly so for a fast moving field like artificial intelligence where you are creating a something to be read and consumed.

While the technology it’s about is racing ahead.

When I finished the third edition of this thing, I had some stuff on language models and image generation.

But so much has happened in just a year.

That it’s you it’s out of date enough that there are possibilities now that are excluded in that book, right? I don’t mind having something out of date, if there are percentage points, improvements in performance, or, you know, refined capabilities.

But the technology pretty much does the same thing.

But what’s happened in the last year is we’ve had leaps of functionality change in artificial intelligence, the ability for us to generate imagery, from a prompt from, from a series of text prompts, is one of the most frequent examples, recent examples from Nvidia came out with that and go again to and then a bunch of consumer apps for your smartphone have come out as well.

That’s a game changer for functionality, the GPT J 6b Library, the natural language generation library, again, huge model that does autocomplete of like entire documents.

That’s a game changer because it reduces the burden for us as humans to generate stuff like you know, a press release, right, you can write a press release better than we can, it’s still not great because press releases in general are not great, but it is different.

So I would obviously change those things to was the process of writing the book.

One of the things that I think would be interesting at some point is to do a book that’s more collaborative.

Every single one of my books that I’ve written so far, really has been my point of view on stuff without any outside voices.

I think it may be time at some point.

Maybe it’s the the new thing I’m working on right now, where bring in some additional voices for some variety.

So good question.

Thanks for asking.

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