Almost Timely News, 9 January 2022: Obstacles to Your Goals, You Ask, I Answer

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Almost Timely News

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What’s On My Mind: Two Sets of Obstacles

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about giving yourself an annual review. Last week, we talked about setting goals. This week, let’s talk about obstacles.

Obstacles are those things which get in the way of you achieving your goals, and they come in two flavors, external and internal. To achieve our goals, we have to overcome both sets.

External obstacles are pretty clear cut most of the time. They’re conditions external to us that make it tougher to achieve our goals. If you’ve got a goal to make a million dollars in income this year and you’re working at a wage of 7.25 an hour, your job is an external obstacle to achieving your goal. There simply aren’t enough hours in the year for you to make a million dollars, so you can’t achieve your goal that way.

The way I define an external obstacle is something you don’t really have control over in any significant way. It’s outside of you, in the external world. Yes, you can absolutely change jobs, in the example above, but you can’t change the job itself. In business, if you have a goal of earning a million dollars in revenue for the year and your clients are paying you 500 a month, and you have 5 clients, you’re not going to achieve your goal. Yes, you can make changes but you can’t fundamentally turn 500/month clients into 50,000/month clients in a reasonable timeframe.

Internal obstacles are different – these are things you do have control over. On a personal level, these are the attributes you possess which may be counterproductive to achieving your goal. If you want to make a million dollars but you don’t want to work hard, that personality attribute is an obstacle. There may still be ways for you to achieve your goal, but you’re swimming upstream against yourself. If you want rewarding interpersonal friendships and relationships but you have a cargo plane’s worth of unresolved trauma, that may be an internal obstacle to your goal.

On a business and professional level, if the fear you have of leaving your job outweighs the potential reward of finding a job better suited to you, that fear is an internal obstacle. If your company wants to generate a million dollars of revenue and you have unproductive workers, that’s an internal obstacle. However, unlike external obstacles, you have more control over these internal obstacles.

Chances are, if your goal is big enough, bold enough, audacious enough, you will have both internal and external obstacles in your way. For example, if you want to improve your fitness levels, you need a way to do that – which may be constrained by resources – and you need the internal motivation to do that. External and internal obstacles exist in the way of your goal.

What makes obstacles especially challenging is their opacity. We may set out to achieve a goal and be discouraged along the way – but we may not know why, may not be able to see clearly why we fell short of our goal. So, what we need to do is list out in great detail what the internal and external obstacles are. Take the goal you set from last week’s newsletter and make a bullet-point list of the external and internal obstacles which would stand in the way of achieving that goal.

Then, start thinking about what strategies and tactics you could use to slowly dissolve those obstacles, make them less challenging. How could you deplete their power to stand in your way? By forcing transparency on your obstacles, you reduce their ability to hinder you and tame their size from mythical beasts to annoying pests.

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