You Ask, I Answer: Digital Ecommerce Platform Recommendations?

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You Ask, I Answer: Digital Ecommerce Platform Recommendations?

Robyn asks, “What recommendations for an ecommerce platform do you have for selling digital goods?”

The answer depends on the kinds of products you’re selling. For books, videos, and most digital goods, I like Gumroad. For courses, I like LearnDash. It all comes down to where the customers are, where you are, and what the splits are.

You Ask, I Answer: Digital Ecommerce Platform Recommendations?

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In today’s episode, Robin asks, what recommendations for an e commerce platform do you have for selling digital goods? Well, the answer to that question depends on the kinds of goods you’re selling.

So there are obviously no shortage of vendors.

And I guess the question is where you want to set things up.

If you are the Do It Yourself type of person, then something like your WordPress website with an integration with a company like stripe would be a good choice because it’s very flexible.

It handles all the payment processing and stuff so you don’t have to worry about holding on to potentially sensitive information.

And they have subscriptions and box products and things.

Typically with stripe.

There’s a fair amount of work setting it up to make it do what you want it to do.

But their commission structure is pretty Good, I think it’s like three and a half percent.

And it gives you maximum flexibility.

It gives you the ability to put stuff up on your website, and then just have stripe essentially be the credit card swiper is what it boils down to.

Some folks like PayPal, again, mostly for the ease of setting up simple products, if you got one thing to sell, and only one thing, it’s probably not a bad choice.

My personal favorite is a company called gumroad which spelled exactly how it sounds GUMRO a d, and their transaction fee is about 5%.

But what I like about them is that it’s a very easy system to use for the non technical you upload your products.

There’s all sorts of you can specify DRM, you can add affiliates, which I think is a huge deal and allows you to have grouped products variations of products and things.

I like them for books for Video for music, any individual file download that you’d want to sell, I would say gumroad should probably be something I strongly suggest you check out.

If you have a multi part course, where you are trying to get, you know, videos and quizzes and things set up.

The module that I like is one called learn dash, learn dash is built into WordPress.

So it’s a paid plugin.

And it allows you to set up courses and set up you know, the transaction processing and things.

I like that better than gumroad for courses specifically because it’s also course management software.

And it does a really good job of helping you structure a a thorough well thought out course a lot of other folks will use systems like think if ik and kajabi and stuff and those are fine, they’re transaction fees tend to be higher.

Their monthly fees tend to be much much higher.

then learn to learn DAX is much more technical in nature.

So there’s that aspect of it.

And for like physical goods, you know, email and Amazon, I, you have to put your book up on Amazon because it’s where a lot of the people are.

What I would do there is make it substantially higher price to deal with the fact that Amazon will take anywhere from 30 to 65% of the of the fees, right.

And so, like for my books, they’ll be substantially higher cost on Amazon, but they have because it’s where the people are.

And I will put in the book description.

I’ve not gotten taken down for this yet.

I’ll put the book description if you want to buy direct.

Here’s the URL, you know, AI for marketers book calm.

And that, I think, does help at least from the discovery perspective.

No matter which you choose.

One of the things you’re going to want to do is give some thought to how you’re going to price things, whether they’re going to be versions, whether they’re going to be add ons.

And then the big thing with a system like even like gumroad, is you got to promote it.

Right? So those are good transaction engines.

And gumroad has some promotional stuff.

It’s not it’s not professional marketing quality, right? It’s it’s meant for like the individual author, whoever who doesn’t want to maintain a mailing list, and may or may not have a particularly good website, it’s really good for that solopreneur kind of thing.

If you want to get good results out of your your digital sales, you’ve got to have a really good marketing system to support and I would spend more time on the marketing system than I would on the e commerce system.

So take a look into how small business friendly systems Mautic is my personal favorite for marketing automation, the self hosted version substantial technical obstacles, but super, super cheap.

I think I’m paying about 20 bucks a month total to send almost 90,000 subscribers on a weekly basis.

On any other system.

That’d be like $3,000 a month, and 20 bucks is obviously a lot more manageable.

And the challenge to the extent that there is one is that none of these systems talk to each other.

So you’ll probably want to have some kind of back end CRM on your website, just to keep track of people.

For again, if for the average solopreneur or a small business hub spots, free CRM as long as it remains free, ain’t bad.

It does.

a decent amount helps you at least just track customers and things.

And it’s good enough.

It’s good enough.

There are open source alternatives but they’re not nearly as polished and as long as Hubspot continues to offer it’s it’s zero dollar solopreneur version, it’s hard to recommend anything else, it does start to get expensive when you start having to pay for features they go, it goes from zero to really expensive really, really fast.

Particularly if you use the marketing side, that’s again, I would recommend pairing it with something like Mautic.

So that Mautic handles all the marketing automation stuff.

Hubspot tells us CRM stuff, and then gumroad handles like the transaction processing stuff.

That’s a pretty good tech stack.

If you don’t have the time or the experience to set something up like that, just start with gumroad.

Their tools are not terrible for marketing.

And it’s a place to start.

So, good question.

There’s a lot of other things you can do for promotion of your your digital goods and things, but that’s totally a separate topic, but start with gumroad unless you’re doing a course in that case, do learn dash and be gradually put your stuff up in the places where all the people are still at least to get some awareness.

If you have follow up questions, leave them in the comments box below.

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Take care.

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