You Ask, I Answer: How to Change a Podcast’s Brand?

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You Ask, I Answer: How to Change a Podcast's Brand?

Jason asks, “What are the precautionary steps if I need to change the title, description, artwork and such for a podcast so I can avoid losing momentum and not break anything with the new version of the show? What are the implications for being discovered in the podcast searches?”

Treat this like any move. Avoid changing the root domain if possible. Tell your audience and your customers what’s going to happen with plenty of advanced notice, and consider some transitional artwork and messaging. From a technical perspective, as long as the URL doesn’t change, you won’t break anything infrastructure-wise.

Be sure to update the description and feed details – again, think transitional. Have stuff like “The show formerly known as” so that people aren’t surprised – and by having the old show name in your description and maybe even title, you’ll still catch those folks who are searching by the show’s old name.

More than anything, do some basic SEO work and see where your existing show is getting links from, so that you can reach out to those places and get them to update the title and description.

You Ask, I Answer: How to Change a Podcast's Brand?

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In today’s episode, Jason asks, What are the precautionary steps? If I need to change the title, description, artwork and such for a podcast so I can avoid losing momentum and not break anything with a new version of the show? What are the implications for being discovered in podcast searches? So this is a good question.

podcast searches, particularly on services like Spotify, apple, podcasts, Google podcasts, etc, are very rudimentary.

They function like SEO did like 15 years ago, where it really is all just very primitive keywords and things.

There’s none of the AI that you would expect from like a Google search that would detect intent and things.

So specific terms specific names, brands matter a lot.

So treat this move that you’re talking about like any other move, right? Treat it like a website.

Try not to change the domain name.

Try not to change URLs, if possible, because that adds a level of technical complexity that you do not want.

Updating RSS feeds and things like that.

If you can avoid changing the URL, then what you need to do is create a plan for transition period, maybe a month, maybe she wants it depends on the cadence of how fast you release your show.

If your show is a daily show, you could probably make the move fully in about two weeks.

Depending on I guess, the easiest way to look is is to look at how fast old shows stop getting downloads, you know, other than like the ones you twosie here and there.

If your listenership tunes into a show and listens within 24 hours of of it dropping, then, you know, give yourself a few weeks to move.

If on the other hand, a show doesn’t really taper off until like a month then you might need to Give yourself a couple of months of transition time.

In the transition time, what you want to do is tell people that things are changing, give people advance notice, you’ll want to craft some transitional artwork that incorporates the old shows look and the new shows look at the same time.

So if there’s a picture of your just your face for the old show, and there’s a brand new logo for the new show, maybe in the transitional artwork, there’s a picture of your face and the logo together.

Your messaging has to be the same as well, letting people know on the air, hey, this is going to be changing in however long.

When you next open your podcast listener, you’re gonna see start to see some of the changes.

It’s still the same show.

It’s still the same person.

It’s still it’s still me.

But don’t be surprised if in on you know, set an arbitrary date on July one.

The name has changed in your podcast listener, and please keep tuning it.

For more a technical perspective, as long as the URL doesn’t change, you’re not going to break anything infrastructure wise.

You do want to update the description and the feed details.

And, again, we want to be transitional here.

If the show is, you know, almost timely podcast with Christopher Penn, or in this case, let’s say if the Christopher Penn show becomes the most timely podcast.

The transitional name should be almost daily podcast with Christopher Penn or almost timely podcasts, the show formerly known as the Christopher Penn show, right so that a people aren’t surprised.

Be the, the name is people get set to get familiar with the name in their their pod catcher of choice.

And see, you want to take advantage of those very primitive SEO metrics, right, those SEO tools that are in podcasting, you know, Pete very primitive keyword searches.

If someone is searching for the Christopher Penn show.

I want to have that For sure in the description of my podcast forever, right, maybe at the end of my description we’ll say formerly known as the Christopher Penn show.

But in the title of the show and the episodes, I will probably want to have that transition period of the almost timely podcast.

The artist formerly known as Christopher Penn, whatever is in the description so that people searching for it, catch it.

Now for a little while, that’s going to be ugly.

Got some really long titles, but you’ll be giving people the chance to make the transition to mentally make the transition it depending on how large your listener bases and again how frequently or infrequently record, you might even start with flipping the names around.

So if your show is the Christopher Penn show, and the new shows the almost timely podcast, but Christopher Penn show soon to become the almost time we podcast and then do four or five episodes like that, and then flip it around the almost half hour podcasts formerly known as the Christopher Penn show, and then four or five episodes that and then at the end You have the almost half of the podcast but in the description of each episode, and in the master feed description, you’ll have the show formerly known as Christopher Penn show that way.

You’re continuing to attract any searches for people who are looking for the old show while you’re capturing the new show.

One other thing that’s really important with podcasts is there are tons of podcast directories and things like that, that have links to shows there are syndicators and aggregators, more so with podcasts and blogs than with like social media.

By the way, make sure you update all your social properties, usual stuff for any any kind of brand change.

You need to go into the SEO tool of your choice and look for all the inbound links to the old show, including individual episodes.

And then if you have the time, go and hunt down those links and ask people To change the title, the description of those links, the the wording, the anchor text on those links.

If you don’t have a ton of time, I would take that same data extract from the SEO tool of your choice, sorted in descending order by URL URL rank, or whatever your tools equivalent is, and at least take care of the top 10%.

Right, so that you’re getting the most equity redirected, in terms of branding and name and anchor text changes possible to help boost the new show to help to get the new show up and running.

The messaging for that could actually be very similar.

So if somebody is linking to Episode 14 of the Christopher Penn show, I would reach out to them and say, Hey, I just want to let you know thanks so much for linking to me, I’m changing my show’s name.

Would you consider changing the link text to Episode 14 of the almost highly podcast formerly known as the Christopher Penn show so that again, I’m capturing both of those things.

I want to make sure that getting as much of the link redirects the anchor text changes as possible to boost helping people find the new name of the show.

Finally, like all things in podcasting, make sure that you’re doing your outreach, your your rounds, your promos.

It’s so funny people have forgotten how to do promos.

It used to be nothing to do in podcasting back in, you know, oh 60708 and people just don’t do it anymore.

And it’s a shame because it’s a good way to get in front of another audience easily as long as the audience’s is a peer of yours and non competitive.

So give that some thought as well.

There are tons and tons of podcasts and nobody remembers that should write about that.

At some point.

I just lost podcasting culture.

So that’s it.

It’s treated like a brand chain, treat like a brand move to all the things give people transition time.

Try not to break the technical aspects and you should be fine.

Keep the old name around.

titles and descriptions especially so that you can attract searches for them and let the directories know where they are.

If you have follow up questions, leave in the comments box below.

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