You Ask, I Answer: Different Types of Writing Careers?

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You Ask, I Answer: Different Types of Writing Careers?

Alanna asks, “Let’s say you have a job that is making you pretty unhappy (Marketing Manager, supervising one other person) and you are realizing that you hate Google Analytics and content calendars and pixels and you really just ended up here because you like to write and it got out of hand. What would you do? What kind of job would you look for?”

It depends on what you want to write and how good you are at it. There’s room in the marketplace for actual writers of things like fiction, if you’re good enough. There’s room for technical writers, content creators, editors, grant writers, copy writers. It all comes down to what you’re really good at.

You Ask, I Answer: Different Types of Writing Careers?

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In today’s episode a lotta asks, let’s say you have a job that is making you pretty unhappy.

I’m unhappy, marketing manager, supervisor, one other person and you’re realizing that you hate Google Analytics and content calendars and pixels.

And you really just ended up here because you’d like to write and it got out of hand.

What would you do? What kind of job would you look for? Okay.

It depends.

It depends on what you want to write and how good you are added.

There is still plenty of room in the overall marketplace for actual writers, people who write things, nonfiction or fiction.

I have friends who make living as professional authors, professional fictional authors.

That’s what they do.

They crank out terrific books.

A lot of them That is something that is in more demand than ever actually the number of people who are looking for in the, in these uncertain times, stuff that’ll go on your Kindle, you know, and not just writing either writing, art any kind of creativity is stuff that there’s room in the marketplace for and I will also say that as much as I love artificial intelligence and what it can do it’s not going to replace fiction writing anytime soon.

Unlike things that well I it’s not gonna replace writing in general anytime soon.

writers in general, because every act of writing, as long as you’re not literally copying and pasting and you’re good at it offers a unique point of view that has not been created before.

Machine learning and AI are really good at creating things from things they’ve already seen.

But When you go and write something for the first time that is brand new, nobody has seen that before.

And it’s very difficult for machines to come up with stuff that is genuinely uniquely new because they are trained on things that already exist.

So there is plenty of room in the marketplace for actual writers, as long as you’re good, as long as you’re good.

And you create stuff that people want to read.

On the sort of the paid nonfiction side, there’s a ton of jobs, technical writers, for example, people who make documentation, all those manuals, all those, you know, bug reports and things.

And there’s room even for a tremendous amount of creativity in that if you look, if you open up your smartphone, and you go into your app updates, and you read the app update notices, there are some that are like you know, bug fixes and improvements, very boring stuff.

And then there’s others that are written with a sense of humor written with some fun love heartedness because the writers there can.

There are plenty of jobs in the creative field writing things like script, especially now, in a world where anybody with a smartphone can make a film that doesn’t look bad.

Again, on the nonfiction side, there’s content creators, people who write blog posts, for example, white papers, research, tons of writing there.

There are grant writers, particularly for educational institutions and nonprofits writing grants to to win money from governments and nonprofit other nonprofit organizations.

They’re copywriters, people just write copy that will then be used in white papers and webinars and such.

There are editors, tons of different kinds of editors.

So it all comes down to what you’re really good at.

And if you enjoy writing and you’re really good at it, there’s a market for you.

There’s a market for There’s actually a tremendous market for ghostwriting, and for clean transcription.

So one of the things that I know friends of mine have done is they want to write a book.

But they themselves know that we’re not great writers, but they could sit down and, you know, in interviews, get out a little audio voice recorder like this, right? And talk for hours and hours on end, and turn that into an end have a proficient talented writer, turn that into a book that you’d want to read, that still captured that the essence of that person’s voice, but didn’t require them to sit down to the keyboard and write things out.

There are a lot of people right now in the space where they want to build their personal brands.

They want to do all these these things, and having a book for good or ill still is one of the heroes sticks that people have in mind that says this person must know what they’re doing.

they’ve written a book, right? It speaks well to the authority of books in our culture, that it still has that much sway that you’re having a book with your name on it of some kind, mean something.

But again, a lot of people are not great writers.

A lot of people do not have the time or the are not willing to commit to the discipline it takes to write a book I’ve written at this point, I think 22 of them and I just badly hammered out my first piece of fiction beyond 60 some odd thousand words it takes a lot to do that is to sit down for 30 6090 days for a couple hours each day just at the keyboard banging it out.

Realizing the last 2000 words you just wrote were absolute garbage you have to select all hit delete and try over my book AI for marketers second edition I took the first digit Select all delete, and start over.

And I’ll probably have to do the same thing with the third edition because it the field changes so fast.

So there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity out there.

What I would say is if you’re thinking about making a change into a creative writing career a go and do your homework join.

There are so many writing groups on Facebook and other places that you can join and figure out what it is you want to do while you’re doing the job you’re doing.

Because this is not the time to quit a job without something lined up.


While you’re doing the job you’re currently doing.

Do some, I don’t like the word networking, but do some networking, do some informational networking where you you just want to talk to people in those positions and hear what it is that they do have virtual coffee with them, right we’re all still attached to our webcams.

Having a spresso have a gin and tonic, depending on the time of the day with somebody at a in a career that you might want to just ask them what their work is like, how much of it is actual writing, how much it’s project management, how much is of this, this or that? Let’s see what’s out there.

You may find, for example, hearing people’s experiences that you may not want to be a technical writer or a grant writer, those are there’s not a lot of room for creativity, particularly in grant writing.

You have very, very stringent requirements, but it is writing.

On the other hand, things like ghost writing, and marketing copy, there’s a lot more latitude, depending on how well you market yourself.

Now there’s the catch.

A lot of folks who work in in the writing industry, I guess, are freelancers they are.

They are individuals sole proprietors going out there and doing the thing.

And that’s very much a feast or famine business as well.

agencies in particular need really good writers, public relations, advertising marketing.

So again, do some informational networking, ask people what their work is like.

I know when I worked in an agency, one of the frustrations people had was that they were they had so much to do, that their writing quality suffered, it made them really unhappy because they couldn’t, they knew they couldn’t do their best because they didn’t have the time to do it.

So again, go out, talk to people figure out what it is like for them.

See if it’s for you.

Maybe do try some freelancing on the side if your your current conditions allow you to moonlight.

Maybe give that a shot and see if it’s for you if you can make it go.

But if you’re if you’re talented enough, but there is a lot of opportunity out there for folks who love to write.

You have follow up questions, please leave them in the comments box below.

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  1. I’ve made a good living as a writer and better than good as a book editor and co-writer. Writing is a craft so become a student of the craft! Here are two great resources: and (I’ve studied with both of these guys). If you’re already a competent writer and want to kick the tires on it as a career change, start with a side gig. Let your network know you’re available on a freelance basis and try some different kinds of writing in different industries/niches to see what you gravitate toward and what type of writing you’d be willing to put in the time to become the best at long term.

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