You Ask, I Answer: Which Technologies Will Thrive During a Pandemic?

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You Ask, I Answer: Which Technologies Will Thrive During a Pandemic?

The obvious ones: video conferencing software, webinar software, VPNs and other security software. Non-obvious: cloud office software, because IT can’t come to your house to fix things. Cloud IT management software. Pretty much cloud anything because again, IT can’t come to your house, and if it’s in a browser, IT can manage it. We’re also going to see new use cases of drones and other automation, like physical plant security. In marketing specifically, it’ll be video, content marketing, and analytics. Content marketing should surge forward for the savvy marketers. Video and audio production will soar. And analytics will be an essential ingredient for managing ROI in a recession.

You Ask, I Answer: Which Technologies Will Thrive During a Pandemic?

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In today’s episode sangra masks what technologies will be essential as the world goes virtual for a few months due to the pandemic? Well, for starters, the obvious ones anything collaboration related, so video conferencing, webinars, virtual conferences, all those things that people need in order just to be able to have meetings and be able to get work done.

Things like Google suite for for the office, LogMeIn, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar you name it.

If it’s a type of communication software, it’s going to do well slack.

For example, I expect slack to do extremely well during this period.

Non obvious stuff is going to be cloud stuff cloud office software, because guess what, it can’t come to your house, right? I mean, for a variety of reasons, but especially during a pandemic, they’re not going to be traveling out to make house calls.

So as long as you have a great computer with a functional browser, and good enough internet, you’re going to have be relying heavily on cloud software.

So Cloud office software, cloud IT management software, cloud antivirus, you know, all things cloud.

Because again, it can’t come to your house.

technologies like faster internet, by any means whether it is 5g, which is still too early for almost everyone, or just faster Wi Fi, I would expect to see some change out of things like routers and Wi Fi access points, as people realize that the thing that has been collecting dust in the corner of their living room for the last five years is a little out of date.

And picking up with the faster stuff I had a router at my house here that I’ve just replaced not too long ago, and it was a substantial change in speeds.

So again, it’s all infrastructure stuff.

I think there’s A lot of knock on effects for infrastructure that we have will not see until you know, I’m we’re through the pandemic period.

But it’ll be good for the technology companies that make infrastructure stuff like you know, Netgear, Cisco Systems, etc.

Now, we’re going to see some interesting use cases of automation, and specifically physical things like drones, or Boston, robotics, their spot drones, the walking dog like drones, because many things like physical plant security, things that you can’t really do virtually, solely virtual, you need to have something there.

That is, you know, walking the perimeter, doing security sweeps, etc.

And let’s be honest, if you’re breaking into somebody’s warehouse, and you see a giant 300 pound robot dog, you’re probably going to not do that.

Cuz you don’t know what that thing is what the thing is capable of except that you know, can run really, really fast.

But all things, drones and automation, we are already seeing some knock on effects in delivery services companies saying that they will do things like dropping off a, a delivery or an order of food or whatever just on the front porch so that you don’t have to physically interact with another human being, which again, is a good thing because that’s where contagion spreads.

So I would expect to see some progress, not a ton, but some progress made in delivery drones, not flying ones, just the little rolling ones.

We’ve seen proof of concept from Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut where they have a rolling robot that just rolls up to the side of your, your sidewalk, and you walk out with your phone and you scan your code and it opens up and gives you your pizza.

I would expect to see more things like that.

Because those are clearly use cases that are simple.

Those are use cases that make a lot of sense.

The same as For within very specific contexts, some autonomous vehicles not driving people around for like, you know, replacing your Ubers but within a very specific limited context like just being able to ferry somebody from one point to another without another a second human in the vehicle, and I would not expect to see a lot of that in marketing specifically.

I expect to see growth in three areas, I expect to see growth in all things video, whether it is video software, using Camtasia for example, for this video, video hardware, again cameras and and such as people discover that webcam they’ve been holding on to since 2012, doesn’t quite cut the mustard anymore for high quality video chat, audio equipment, of course, expect to see some of that even if it’s just you know, simple things like simple headsets, you would expect to see some some changes being made there.

All things content.

So, content marketing, blogging, white paper is all the graphics and creation tools again, all the cloud based things services like Canva.

I would expect to do well, podcasting might expect to do extremely well.

podcasting has already been on a tear for the last few years, I’d expect to see podcasting do extremely well in the next two years.

So as people looking for things to do, can ask their their smart devices paila marketing over coffee podcast, so expect to see some of that there.

And then the third area in marketing specifically is analytics.

I expect to see all things analytics do extremely well for two reasons.

One, the pandemic is going to be accompanied by a recession.

Very little doubt about that.

And with a recession comes a relentless focus on ROI.

So with that, you need analytics to understand the ROI of what it is that your company is doing.

And to because so much will have gone virtual And so much will have gone digital.

It’s a lot easier to measure when, you know, we always talk about how do you differentiate and understand the value of non digital interactions like, you know, shopping at the mall or face to face meetings? Well, for three months, you’re going to have a huge testbed that will essentially tell you, here’s the, here’s the Delta, of taking away that now there’s a lot of confounding factors.

So don’t try to do a simple regression that will not go well.

But because all that activity will be moved to virtual, you will have much, many more opportunities to measure it.

So and see how the click stream works.

See how people hop from channel to channel.

So things like customer journey mapping will become very informative, as you have so much more data in the digital realm because people will be doing much less in the physical realm.

All of these trends are all of these matters.

Grow activities, I think will change how we do work.

Because we will find that, well, to get business done, we don’t necessarily need to have an office, we don’t necessarily need to have a physical building to go to just to sit in meetings, we will find that we get just as much or just as little done in virtual meetings as we do in real meetings, right.

If you want for fun, you’ll want to get out the the conference called bingo cards, because even though it’s 2020 people still have a tough time sometimes operating the telephone, there’ll be a lot of you Can anyone hear me this on all that stuff.

So expect that have a little fun with it, maybe make it into a drinking game.

And, and we’ll see how much the sticks around after business resumes in you know, in the next three to six months, as we as we get past the initial phase of the pandemic and start assessing the overall impacts but things like more automation, more cost efficiencies, more clouds Based things.

I think we’ll see a lot of that.

I think we’ll see a lot of that continuing on companies saying, Hey, we saved a lot of money.

By having people working from their homes.

One of the reasons why Trust Insights is a virtual company is because it is enormous cost savings to not have to pay rent for an office.

And for the work, we do need to have an office that don’t think other than, you know, maybe a couple of meetings at other people’s offices.

Never had to host anybody for a business meeting.

Maybe they’ll stick with my dining room table.

The dog, say hello to them.

But that’s, that’s what technologies are going to be essential.

All things cloud VPN security software, gonna be really important to make sure that security is being maintained well, cloud and then on the marketing, side, video, audio content and analytics.

So good question.

Lots of plan ahead for again, ahead of it.

Now, if your infrastructure is not ready, you need to be accelerating plans.

Look at SAS based companies that allow you to swipe the credit card and just get going right away as opposed to you know, long pitch process because it literally is days that you have in places as we see offices and schools and things closing down you will not have a long time so look at all the SAS software companies that just let you swipe a credit card and get going.

If you have follow up questions, leave them in the comments box below.

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