You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Opportunities on Tiktok?

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You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Opportunities on Tiktok?

Jeremy asks, “I’m curious to know your thoughts about Tik Tok. Are there marketing opportunities there for brands or will that end up killing the platform?”

As with any social media platform, it depends on your goals and your audience. For some, Tiktok is a slam dunk. For others, it’s utterly senseless. The key question is, can you serve the audience there? Watch the video for the 5 step process on approaching Tiktok as a marketer.

You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Opportunities on Tiktok?

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In today’s episode, Jeremy, so I’m curious to know your thoughts about Tiktok.

Are their marketing opportunities there for brands? Or will that end up killing the platform? Well, can’t really kill a platform with marketing.

I mean, it like any platform has followers and fans, if you don’t follow, somebody’s not going to see their stuff.

And the best stuff that makes it to the front page, even without you being logged in, is not going to be your marketing stuff.

So as with any social media platform, it depends on your goals and your audience.

So what are your goals? as a marketer? Are you trying to build awareness, which is one thing that Tiktok is really great at? Are you trying to do lead conversion? Probably not the place to do that? More importantly, what’s your audience? Tiktok we know very little about the platform other than what was in a leaked ad agency.

Deck a little more than a year actually about a year ago, in which it said that of its 600 million users 550 million we’re in Asia, mostly China, about 30 million users at the time in the United States.

And the demographic skew very, very young 13 to 24.

Is that your audience? Is that the audience you’re going after? If it is great? If it’s not, then you know that for some brands, and for some companies and some products, that that’s a slam dunk.

That is exactly the demographic that’s exactly who they want to be in front of.

And that’s exactly who they want to appeal to for other brands.

That’s, that’s totally useless, right? It’s totally senseless.

There’s no reason to be there.

And now, this is the important part.

Can you serve the audience there? So a lot of marketers a lot of companies make the ridic This mistake that they just start throwing their stuff out there Hey, check out our thing Hey, learn all about us and things and nobody wants that right? on LinkedIn that’s called a pitch slap, right? So the moment you connect with somebody, she gets slapped with one of their sales pitches, nobody wants that.

Can you as a company? Can you as a marketer, make the kind of content that does well on Tiktok? Can you make things that are funny that are silly that are music related that are are maybe not the most, you’re serious content, but really just really good entertainment? Can you serve the audience can you give your audience what they want, not what you want as the marketer but what they want.

Many, many, many brands struggle with this.

About the only brands that don’t really have a hard time with that as much our entertainment brands where their mission is to entertain to give you entertainment in smaller doses.

hopes that you’ll then upgrade to the larger doses on you know, their whatever their paid streaming app or services.

And so when it comes to Tiktok, can you create content that resonates with the community that blends in with the culture that’s already there? many brands can’t do that.

They just can’t they’re their own internal culture is so stuck on being self centered, that they can’t make that pivot.

That’s why a number of brands have done really, really poorly on any network where there is a strong subculture like Reddit, for example, Reddit has a very clear, very strong subculture neither right or wrong, but if you can’t fit into the Reddit crowd, you will do more reputation damage than good, right you will get roundly mocked, you will get strung up metaphorically and it will not benefit your company.

The same is true of Tick tock tick tock has a culture It is a very specific color.

There’s a clear culture in it.

And if you are not able to blend in with it and align the the content you create with that, it’s not going to go well.

So as with any social network, any new, any new audience and a new environment, you’ve got to do a few things.

Number one, sign up for it number to secure your name, right? That’s pretty obvious.

And then spend a whole bunch of time we’re talking weeks or maybe even months.

Just watching, just watching, just listening, paying attention, making notes to yourself, of what is working, what’s not what is popular, what makes it to the front page or the front of the app.

What trends Do you see.

And after you finish your period of listening, then you can start your period of engagement, which is commenting and making friends and networking, things like that.

And finally, you start creating, right? That’s the sequence in which you tackle any new environment.

It’s very similar to, you know, good old anthropology where if you’re trying to observe a society, you spend a lot of time on that observation.

You spend a lot of time on that note making you spend time building relationships first, and only then do you start trying to be an active participant in that society if it’s even appropriate to do so.

Obviously, for anthropological studies, it is not.

But for social media marketing, that’s the way you’d want to go.

The worst thing you can do is just start throwing the same crap that you put up on YouTube on Tiktok.

Because again, at best, you’ll be ignored at worst you’ll be causing actively damaging your brand’s reputation.

So that’s the thing.

Try it out.

Is there a marketing opportunity there? Maybe Maybe not.

Is the Chinese audience your market.

There are certainly any number of resellers and fulfillment companies and things like that, that are based in China, if you want to reach them, that might be an interesting way to do it in a language and environment where you are not.

You’re not as constrained.

Certainly, there are apps, you know, for example, like red, that are very, very popular in China, but you had better speak Chinese to use Tiktok doesn’t have quite quite a strong language barrier.

But if your audience is there, give it a try.

See what’s happening and then make the decision like is this a place that we could meaningfully provide value? So that’s the answer.

I think there are some marketing opportunities for me personally, no, from my company, not right now.

But maybe down the road.

As always a good question leave your follow up questions in the comments box below.

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