You Ask, I Answer: Most Effective Email List Growth Tactics?

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You Ask, I Answer: Most Effective Email List Growth Tactics?

Sarah asks, “Where have you seen success in growing your email list, outside of pop ups on a website, and adding users to your active list after they purchase?”

I’ve seen three successes this year that have resulted in more than doubling my list, from 22,000 at the start of the year to 48,000 by the end of the year.

  1. Having an email newsletter people want. That’s critical for keeping subscribers, but also for getting existing subscribers to refer your newsletter to others organically.
  2. Co-branded events.
  3. Co-branded content marketing.

Watch the video for full details, including how to think about finding partners to co-brand activities with.

You Ask, I Answer: Most Effective Email List Growth Tactics?

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In today’s episode, Sarah asks, Where have you seen success and growing your email list outside of pop ups on a website and adding users to your active list after they purchase? That’s a good question.

And certainly the basics like having calls to action pop ups and subscribe links in your footer is putting them in your newsletters, putting them in your in your YouTube videos, and things are all important.

And if you don’t do those basics, you will not have nearly as much success.

So exit pop ups, I think certainly are important in interstitial pop ups on the website that are small, obtrusive and mobile friendly or omit them on mobile devices, those footer subscribes.

So one of the things that’s really important is to have a footer, subscribe, and so on any blog post should just be part of your template to have one in the footer, one of the in the nav bar to the extent that you can I’ll put it on social media recognize that with social media effectively being a paid medium, you should be writing maybe run ads for your email list rather than just organically posting because it’s not going to do very much.

The three things that have worked well for me this year, went from 20,000 subscribers beginning of the year to ending the year at 48,000, some more than doubling.

And that came from three things.

Number one, having an an email newsletter people want that is critical for keeping subscribers because it doesn’t matter how many people sign up, if they all quit the week after you really haven’t accomplished anything, right? So you want to make sure that you are publishing a very high quality newsletter.

We’re actually going to be sending out a survey to mine in the new year, asking what people want less and more of, so that I can continue to improve the quality of my newsletter.

That that provides organic growth.

And one of the things to remind people to do is something I’m bad, I’m bad I need to do this more and better is to remind people, hey, if you like this, please refer a friend, right? refer a colleague, recommend this newsletter to a colleague that will provide you a nice space of growth in the medium that people are comfortable with.

Right? If they reading your email already, they clearly are comfortable with email and will probably forward it to other people who also like to read email.

The second big win this year was co branded events.

I’ve done a couple of these big events this year with other organizations and you know, part of the terms of engagement are we share registration lists, we share the people who sign up for the event, have done that multiple times this year, and that probably brought in, I would say probably about a third of that doubled growth.

So making sure that you are working together with organizations.

Now if your list is real small to begin with, you may have to pay rather than trade list sizes because even going into the year 22,000 subscribers, that’s enough of a list size that you can say to another organization yet it’s it’s a barter, it’s not, not one organization is not paying the other.

Likewise, if you’re on the other side of that, and you have a large email list you can actually use as a revenue generator.

People can can get access to your audience.

And the third and the most successful by far is co branded content marketing.

People who download stuff, whether it’s white papers, ebooks, any piece of content, videos, webinars, you name it.

Those have done amazingly well this year, that’s where the other two thirds of that you know, more than 26,000 people came from was co branded papers, co branded studies.

It has to be stuff like that.

email newsletter it has to be stuff people actually want.

So creating a white paper that of boring stuff that is a retread of other people’s stuff or doesn’t teach someone something new, not as helpful.

But if you have really compelling original research, original data, original insights, things that will make somebody’s life better things that will make somebody’s business better, people will download and they will gladly want to hear from you.

After doing so, so making sure that you are doing a lot of high quality content marketing.

I would say I think I did a piece of you know, high quality content marketing like a hero piece, if you will from YouTube’s hero hub health model, about once a quarter.

So this is not something that you have to be cranking out every single week.

That’s what your newsletters for.

For those hero pieces.

Try to aim for once a quarter in terms of working with another organization or several organizations, co branding it, sharing registration lists, and building something that is just astonishing that people like I absolutely, positively need to download this paper, I need to read it, I need to implement its changes and make my business better.

So those are as of now, the most effective email list growth tactics in terms of results garnered and also budget wise to having a great email newsletter that people want shouldn’t cost you anything except your time, right co branded events and co branded content marketing.

Again, if there’s a substantial disparity between your list and somebody else’s list, you may need to pony up some budget or find pure organizations with similar size lists and ladder your way up right if you have 500 subscribers on somebody else’s 500 subscribers and they’re not the same subscribers.

If you collaborate by the end, you should have both have 1000 subscribers right and then you move on move up the ladder to you find another organization with 1000 subscribers you work together and you should be and have 2000 subscribers.

That’s how the math works on co branding things when you’re smart about it.

So try and identify those organizations that have your audience and their previous videos in the series about how to do that.

And then use that as a way to to build and grow your list very, very quickly.

That’s that’s was working as of the turn of the century or the turn of the decade here.

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