You Ask, I Answer: Email Marketing Opt Out Campaigns?

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You Ask, I Answer: Email Marketing Opt Out Campaigns?

Shelby asks, “Have you ever run an email campaign asking your audience if they still want to be on your email list?”

Nope. Instead, I take the tactic of making the unsubscribe painfully obvious in every single email. In my Almost Timely newsletter, it’s a bright, neon, hideous, flashing giant banner near the top of the newsletter that lets people know exactly where to go to unsubscribe.

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You Ask, I Answer: Email Marketing Opt Out Campaigns?

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In today’s episode is Shelby asks, have you ever run an email campaign asking your audience if they still want to be email being on your email list? No, No, I haven’t.

Instead, what I do is I make the unsubscribe button in every issue of the newsletter, my personal newsletter, bright, neon, hideous flashing this huge banner at the top of the email that tells people exactly what they need to do, to unsubscribe, push this button, this ugly, ugly, ugly button to unsubscribe, you cannot miss it.

Unless you have images turned off, you can’t miss it.

And even if the images are turned off, there’s still a text link right near the top.

It says click here to unsubscribe.

I dislike the opt out campaign because it begins with a pretty assumption that a person wants to leave.

And it may not be true, just like I dislike the idea of an opt in campaign for the same reason, it presumes that person who wants to be on my list, I would rather have them tell me through their behavior, what they want to do.

Now, if you want to do a campaign like that, what I would instead consider doing if you have the ability and the bandwidth to actually fulfill the request is to give people different options.

I don’t do this because again, I don’t have the bandwidth to build four different newsletters, but you could say, I want a weekly newsletter, on a monthly newsletter, I want a quarterly wrap up, or I don’t want to hear from you at all.

And that way you give people the ability to throttle the amount of emails they get from you.

If you have something, if you have really advanced email marketing and marketing automation software, that may be something that you can build with.

But you will still have to build different editions of your newsletter to fill those requests.

I would rather go that tactic really have give people the ability to unsubscribe it and make it so easy.

It’s so easy, make it so easy and so obvious that get an email saying I couldn’t find your unsubscribe link.

You may need to see it.

You may need some medical help because it literally is it should be obvious.

You know, for the company newsletter that I do trust insights, the trust insights newsletter.

That one is the unsubscribe is still near the top and it’s image banner.

There’s like five images in the newsletter that denote section headers.

It’s one that looks different.

So again, it’s it’s awesome.

It’s not as a noxious, sorry, person newsletter, but it is still offset in such a way that you can look at and go Okay, I’m supposed to unsubscribe here.

The other thing is, I changed the mechanism of my unsubscribe probably about two months ago.

Now, instead of using the landing page and stuff like that, because people were even having trouble with the landing page, what it does is I was simply a mail to link that fires an email saying unsubscribe this email address from the newsletter.

And the marketing automation software I use inserts that person’s email address because in a lot of cases, particularly for b2b marketers, people forget what email address they signed up to your newsletter with.

And then you get angry emails back to them saying I had subscribed, you’re still sending an email, which address I don’t remember, all I can’t help you.

If you trigger with a unsubscribe functionality of any kind, that automatically embeds the email address in whatever the response is, whether it is to a simple mail to or a in your marketing automation system, at least that way.

You’re taking care of it for the person.

That said, it I like at least that your questions coming from a good place, which is to say we want to make sure that the only people who are on our list are the ones who actually want to be at they’ve actually want to hear from us.

I mean, that’s a rare attitude.

Again, especially in b2b marketing, actually, for both b2b and b2c marketing force.

That’s a rare attitude because a lot of people measure their email marketing based on things like how large is our list.

If you have 100,000 people and one person clicks on your email, then it’s not any better than you tweeting into the void.

And so focusing on an engaged list of activists, somebody who actually reads the emails is definitely a great way to go and the smart way to go.

So instead of opt out campaigns or opt in campaigns, think about me think about two things a make unsubscribe easy, and to make the newsletter so valuable, so valuable, that no one in their right one would want to unsubscribe because it’s giving them exactly what they want.

All the time as as much value as you can pack in there.

You absolutely should.

So great question, please leave your comments in the comments box below it of course, subscribe to the YouTube channel and my own newsletter down here.

And I’ll talk to you soon take care what help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems.

This is trusted insights KI today and listen to how we can help you

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