You Ask, I Answer: Tactics for Building Followers?

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You Ask, I Answer: Tactics for Building Followers?

John asks, “I see you have a massive amount of followers and was wondering how you did you do this?”

There’s an expression in the martial arts that explains a lot of this: energy flows where attention goes. The question is, how are you catching attention? And how are you keeping it? For more than a decade, the “secret” of keeping attention for me has been my newsletter.

That said, there’s a mind shift I want you to make. Stop thinking about followers. Start thinking about community.

Download the PDF of the Trust Insights 9C community framework here, no form fill needed.

You Ask, I Answer: Tactics for Building Followers?

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In today’s episode, john asks, I see you have a massive amount of followers. I was wondering how did you do this?


so there’s there’s an expression in the martial arts that explains a lot of this. And yeah, I learned it from one of my teachers can savage from the Winchester Martial Arts Center who said that energy flows where attention goes, you direct somebody’s attention somewhere, and their energy goes with it. And the same is true for groups of people as well. If you can catch somebody’s attention, you can direct it and where you have attention, you direct their energy, which may be things like getting them to follow getting them to sign up for things eventually, ideally, some percentage of people you can get them to buy something. And for those people who won’t buy something you get them to be evangelists to talk to other people to get

To buy something but

there are two questions number one, how do you catch attention? And how do you keep it now I’ll tell you one of the secrets of keeping attention that I’ve used for a decade now wow it’s been a decade

has been an email newsletter I send out a weekly email newsletter that just offers perspectives and recaps a lot of the important stuff that happened during the week being able to do that allows me to provide value

now here’s here’s the shift in mindset that I want you to make. Stop thinking about followers

and start thinking about community it’s a change in your mental thinking hit the delete key on the word followers and and type over that the word community because what you want is not a mindless clustering of people just passively sitting around what you want or people who are in your corner. You want people who are supportive of you.

You want people who are supportive of your brand of your company, if somebody says something negative about your company, you want those people to be the first ones jumping in, you know, with the, with their, their gloves on, ready to ready to throw down a little bit.

But you could only get that through community, you can’t get that, through passive followership, and there’s a framework for building community if that works really well. It’s a lot of work. It is a lot of work, but it works really well for getting people to unite around a common interest. So let’s go ahead and put this up here.

This is the framework of effective community management. There’s a PDF that you can download. I’ll put a link in the notes below that you can grab the PDF from. Nope, don’t need to fill out a form just grab it off the website. But the pieces are all about the things that you do for your community. You have to give first a lot in order to eventually get

So you have to put that in your head to anytime you’re talking about growing an audience, whether it’s followers, whether it’s a community, whether it’s an audience, you have to give way more than you take.

So what do you have to give, you have to give content, what stuff is valuable? What would legitimately help people and probably won’t even benefit you, right? You have to share stuff, give stuff, create stuff for people like this framework, right? giving this away, just giving it to the world,

you have to engender conversation. If to stimulate conversation. Your community has to have a common interest of some kind. So

the slack group that I run with the rest of the trust Insights Team, we call it analytics for marketers, because it’s for people who are interested in this have this common interest there has to be something something greater than you as the common interest it’s it’s fine for them to want it.

Talk to you. But there has to be more to it than that than just the common interest. You have to care which is hard. If you don’t like people believe me, I know

but you do have to care about your community. And it’s it’s easier when you have a common interest. It’s easier when you have conversations with people because you do develop relationships with those people and that’s your community, your tribe and those your your folks from the olden the way I feel about is I love I love my community, the rest of the world can go burn

you have to create connection within your community. So the really important thing to do is to have to be the hub and broker connections between community members to say hey, you know Bob over here was looking for some help with email marketing. And Sarita over here she she’s a real issue outstanding email marketer. Let’s make sure that the two of them are connected so that people know who they are.

need to have control over your community in the sense of providing guidelines and guardrails keeping people from Behaving Badly real simple example. You know, you just gotta knock out the spammers. There’s folks that are Russian and the first thing you do is post that long diatribe about themselves or or promotional stuff and just got to get the ban hammer and knock them out.

You need to have a community platform that allows you to reach people

in a in an unfiltered way. So a con course one of the reasons why we use slack is because we tried Facebook groups didn’t work Facebook’s algorithm throttled so much that people never saw anything we posted which is terrible. So out with Facebook in with slack

and your platform can change if you’re targeting a certain demographic big gaming demographic. You better be building on discord because that’s where people are. If you are if you have a group of people who are

Super privacy minded, maybe build on mastodon or telegram or something. But you need a good concourse, you need to be able to cure people to remind them to to gently prompt them to participate. So you, however, whatever tool you choose, needs to be able to reactivate people. And of course, you need to be able to measure, measure your community, measure the health of your community, see how it’s going, getting analytics for your community. If you do all these things, but predominantly give value start conversations and care about people in your community. You will grow it it will take time. You can accelerate the initial capital of attention with things like advertising dollars, and you know, public relations campaigns and evangelists and influencers and all that stuff. But

you still need to be very patient because it will take a long time to grow a community

I have

pipe and 27,000 followers on LinkedIn. Now I have almost 100,000 on Twitter. This is after the result of a decade right? It is not overnight days. great success now this is what its expression 10 year overnight success. Yeah.

So be prepared to invest for the very long term for building a community. And here’s the other thing and we’re going to have some research from trust insights real soon,

probably tomorrow about this, but you won’t you don’t need a ton unless you are like Walmart you don’t need a ton of people in your community. You don’t need millions of people to be influential to achieve your business goals. You need the right people and maybe you know a couple thousand at most to really get rolling

because if you’re as long as you’ve got that common interest and

You serve that common interest? Well, you will find that there will be plenty of people who want to work with you in some fashion. So it doesn’t take much. So how do you do it? You give way more than you take. And you do it for a really long time. no easy answers, no fat, no shortcuts. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. If you want something that is sustainable, that will work for you in the long term. So great question. I hope that you take away remove the word followers and replace it with the word community and you will be in a much better headspace for for building for the sustainable future. As always, please leave your comments in the comments below and subscribe to the YouTube channel. In the newsletter I will talk to you soon want help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust today and let us know how we can help you

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