You Ask, I Answer: Rising Stars of Marketing

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You Ask, I Answer: Rising Stars of Marketing

Ashley and the LinkedIn team ask, “Who is one rising star in marketing that you’d like to recognize and why?”

Without pause, I’d recognize my CEO and business partner, Katie Robbert. Here’s why: every chef needs a restaurant manager. In data science and machine learning within the marketing realm, I build lots of tools to accomplish these things. But all the tools and technology don’t matter without the other two legs of the stool: people and process. To be fully effective as marketers and as data scientists, we need effective strategies for people, process, and platforms. Watch this video to learn what to look for in your own people and process experts.

You Ask, I Answer: Rising Stars of Marketing

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In today’s episode, Ashley asks, who was one rising star in marketing that you’d like to recognize and why. without pause, I would recognize my CEO and business partner Katie Robbert. And here’s why.

Every chef needs a restaurant manager every

every player in the orchestra needs a conductor. in data science and machine learning. Within the marketing realm,

I build lots of stuff, I build lots of tools, I use all sorts of things from open source tools like our studio, to commercial tools, like IBM Watson studio,

and can do some pretty interesting stuff. But that’s only one third of what it takes to make data science and machine learning impactful for marketers. Remember this, it’s a three legged stool, its people process and platform, you need all three in balance, in order to make machine learning beneficial to accompany building cool stuff is great, you need it.

But if there’s no practical application, you just doing stuff to do stuff, it doesn’t provide an ROI. Or if it does, it’s because you got lucky because it wasn’t a strategy behind

two of the areas where I’m personally not as strong management of people I’m terrible at. and rigorous discipline and process in terms of,

instead of doing something, building a system around

a thing, so that it can scale it can grow can be impactful.

And so to be to bring the most value to trust insights, customers, to our audience, to our friends, you need to have the people process and platform all lined up. And because I have deficits in those areas, that’s where someone like Katie helps, helps me be able to be effective.

as marketers, marketers, and not the most systematic people, marketers, and not the most disciplined in terms of that very left brain linear process oriented approach. But when you have the effective project manager, when you have effective corporate strategy and business strategy, when you align your business strategy with your technology capabilities, you can, you can do some pretty amazing things. And so her role in our company is to lead the company to lead that strategy to lead the people, and to help establish the processes that we need in order to grow.

And that’s something that we all learn from at the company. But then we share


Every Friday, there’s usually a blog post from her from our partner and head of business development, john wall. And we have distinct documented processes for how we even market the company itself. What are the what are the recipes inside that we adhere to, in order to maximize the impact we have with what’s really a three person team plus a whole bunch of machines.

Katie is also an accomplished public speaker, she’s spoken at multiple events, including selling out her room, twice over at inbound 2018 on the topic of predictive analytics, but not the technology.

Instead, she focuses on how, what’s the process for it? What are the important things you need to know to make use of it? What are some examples that are practical?

And again, this is because my focus is how do I make the thing how to build a thing? How do I how do I

make the thing cooler?

But not how do I deploy the thing in a way that’s as meaningful as possible to customers. So it the original version of Predictive Analytics code that we use, spit out a very unhelpful line chart. And that was it as all you got. But when you take somebody like Katie, who has that experience of thinking from the customer’s point of view, and thinking through how could somebody uses How could somebody misinterpret this? How could somebody not find value in this, and then you build that into the product, it becomes much more useful. Instead of a chart looks like somebody vomited, you know, multicolored spaghetti all over it, you end up with tables and calendars and planners that anybody anybody could pick up and go, Okay, I know what I’m supposed to do. Now, over the next four weeks, these are my tasks that I need to accomplish using predictive analytics, bringing it to life.

The same is true. We were driving back yesterday

from the helo conference in New Jersey, and talking through

how do we use machine learning clustering techniques

to make search engine optimization more valuable, instead of, hey, here’s just a bunch of data, which is what a lot of SEO tools give you and it’s fine. That’s that’s bad as an okay thing for them to do, because you want that data? How do we use machine learning techniques to make it more orderly, to make it more insightful, to make it more digestible for people? And so when I talk about someone being a rising star marketing, to me, that implies that they are bringing something to the marketing discipline that isn’t there yet or isn’t widespread, that is valuable. And that benefits marketers?

Again, when I look at my background, I’m a tech knowledge, just

the stuff that I create,

as it is, is not inherently valuable to marketers, the outputs are, but the stuff itself isn’t. And so someone like Katie is an essential part of what we needed to have, as an industry to take the output of anything, and think it through how do we make this valuable to us? How do we use this to increase our impact, to increase our results, to demonstrate the value that we provide as marketers, to our companies, and to our industry. So that’s, in a nutshell, who I would recognize as a rising star and marketing. You can reach Katie at K to bear on most social channels, and of course, at the trust insights, website, trust and And I believe, I think her websites got stuff on it, Katie Rivera calm. But more than anything goes to your speak, go see your speak, go see, take a webinar with her. We’re going to some interesting news, new virtual options available soon. Follow on social get to know her because she can help you understand the roles of people in process within marketing technology, which again, is something that marketing technologists and the martech space are really bad at

we build all these cool

tools, we create all these this, you know great marketing collateral, and we don’t do a great job of answering but so what why do I need this? What is the value of this?

How do I explain this to my boss, and you need somebody in your own company like Katie who can be that.

That truth teller


that skeptic

who can constructively criticize your efforts, and make your products, your services and your marketing better, maybe don’t have somebody like that, your marketing will not be as good. You are marketing technology, for sure will not be as good. And if you are making the move into data science and machine learning is an absolutely essential role. So who is that person in your company? If you don’t have that person, you probably need to hire that person to help oversee and guide and align your martech and data science and machine learning strategies to the business to what the business needs most. So great question actually, and the LinkedIn team. As always, please subscribe to the YouTube channel and the newsletter I’ll talk to you soon. One help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust

today and let us know how we can help you

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