You Ask, I Answer: 2019 Marketing Trends Roundup

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You Ask, I Answer: 2019 Marketing Trends Roundup

In the last day, I’ve received no fewer than 8 inquiries asking for quotes for 2019 trend roundups. So, in the interests of efficiency, here’s my take on 2019 trends using data from Trust Insights. Stay tuned – we’ll be releasing a full report very soon. In the meantime, watch this video and please feel free to borrow from it with full attribution to and me. Enjoy!

You Ask, I Answer: 2019 Marketing Trends Roundup

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In today’s episode about eight different people all had the exact same question and what do you mean the exact question which is what are the top trends for 2019 to watch.

So this is a very popular questions a very, it is the time of year when everyone’s trying to crank out their info, their their 2019 trends. And so let’s take a look at some of these trends. Now, a couple of caveats. The trend data that I’m going to review is my company put together trust insights put this together based on five years of search data weighted towards the last 12 months projected forward 12 months because based on search data, this is what people are looking for. And it’s filtered to at least 100 inquiries a month so you’re not going to see a massive transpire for some but when from one search to five and as with all forms of predictive analytics,

you can’t

predict the unpredictable if I don’t know Parliament arrests the entire senior staff of Facebook then obviously it would have a substantial impact on the Facebook ecosystem but barring the crazy things like that the data that we’re going to go through is based on what people are looking for

so just just know that in terms of what people are most interested in going into 2019 the top of the list by far is around influencer marketing the influencer marketing is the hottest thing we’re looking at for people looking for influencer marketing we’re looking at a 990 percent increase in year over year and people searching for influencer marketing


around influencer marketing agencies they are looking for for that it’s a substantial jump there we are looking at also a very, very big jump in interest in Google’s Data Studio product. And 50% jumping Google Tag Manager product both of these are part of the Google Analytics suite. So emphasis on measurement emphasis on the basics emphasis on influencers and Instagram is is topping the charts in terms of the thing that people want to know the most about. People want to know Instagram analytics, they want to know YouTube Analytics that’s interesting. And even Twitter analytics we’re seeing an increase year over year and so

people looking to measure stuff now out of these disparate pieces what we can extract from this is an understanding of the bigger picture trends which is that influencer marketing is on fire going to continue to be on fire for the foreseeable future. And it is something that everybody in their cousin is looking for more information about so if you are in the influencer marketing space and you haven’t already made your mark, this would be the time to do it. Because you need to be in position to capture this wave. If you are in the influencer analytic space as


by the number of queries here, there is a substantial opportunity for your company


to grab some market share, because that’s where the as the the hockey quote goes, that’s where the puck is going. People need to be measuring this stuff.

When we look inside the measurement world itself, the emphasis on Google Data Studio with its hundred 25% increase year over year and data visualization as a practice 54% increase year over year,

we have no shortage of data, we do have a shortage of insights, we do have a shortage of of useful analysis, we do have a shortage of taking action with our data. So looking carefully at these terms, and looking carefully at what people are searching for, we can see pretty quickly people need to measure stuff better, people need to do better analysis and people need to be able to present their findings in easier ways. And so tools like Google Data Studio are going to be the the tools to do that with so those are some of the big broad trends when we look at that what’s likely to happen I’m still stunned at the whole influencer marketing thing. It’s just it’s just crazy off the rails

the channel to pay attention to in the new year is Instagram followed by YouTube, Instagram, on fire, YouTube, also on fire, YouTube, people looking for a site that’s what was founded in 2005. So 13 years old, almost 14 years old. Now, it is still a massive, massive opportunity. But you have to get gotta spend some money to to really drive traffic to it. And you’ve got to optimize your videos to do things like get people to subscribe to channel get people to participate in your channel. And I was reading an article recently that was talking about how YouTube’s engagement algorithms are much more time sensitive than Google’s meaning that when you publish a video and you’ve got to have some action

on it right away in order to take advantage of the algorithm as it stands today.

The other thing on the Instagram front that’s going to be real interesting is today the day I’m recording this which is December 11, 2018,

Instagram is deprecating a substantial part of its API which means that things like the ability to extract data on hashtags and the ability to use third party tools to like comment and and follow people are going away today those those actions will will be eliminated what that means for a lot of folks it very importantly an influencer marketing space is that third time bots, third party tools, spam bots influencer marketing bots are getting a kick in the shins, they will no longer be able to do things like like every post that mentions a hashtag for example if you’re wonder why do some people put like 40 hashtags and their posts because they’ve been told that to attract new followers on Instagram you need to stuff your posts with hashtags Well now that these bots are are not going to be able to do that

it is likely that that practice will diminish somewhat so

influencer marketing the influencers who have cachet on Instagram are going to have to continue to do well anyone looking to jump into the space on Instagram specifically is going to have to do a lot more work either manually outsourcing with an assistant but you’re gonna have to use first party applications only meaning the Instagram app. And a lot of it’s going to be human driven for for the foreseeable future until somebody automates a way around that and there are some ways to do that. But they all violate the terms of service so we will not discuss them.

So that’s that’s where things are going right now for

again, this is all subject to change. This is all based on what people are searching for. As of the day I ran this analysis which was yesterday But things changed overnight technology changes overnight so if you have not already subscribed to the YouTube channel and the newsletter please do so. So that you can stay in touch with this stuff and if you go to the trust insights website and subscribe to the trust insights newsletter you’ll get news that is machine analyzed to be the the most useful, the best of the best so please subscribe to our newsletter over there. And for everyone who’s asking for quotes for 2019 these are the trends for right now stay tuned. There’s a it’s gonna be a rocky road ahead as

as a as the calendar flips over.

Thanks for watching. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel and the newsletter

and we’ll talk to you soon

one help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust today and let us know how we can help you

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