You Ask, I Answer: How to Choose a Digital Channel Strategy

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You Ask, I Answer_ Digital Channel Strategy

Pradeep asks,

Does every brand have to have a presence on all the Digital Platforms, or does it have the liberty to choose a few? Example, should we invest in Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Search Optimization, Video Marketing etc. at the same time?

Two answers to this question:

  • How does our audience consume content? That’s where we should focus first.
  • What capabilities and limitations do we have? That governs how much we make.

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You Ask, I Answer: Digital Channel Strategy

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In today’s you ask I answer it asks, Does every brand have to have a presence on all the digital platforms or do you have the liberty to choose a few should you invest in social media search engine marketing search optimizations Video Marketing Podcast. At the same time, or differently. Well, that’s a really good question and the answer is not whether you should do it. But whether it makes sense. So two things are important to considerations. Number one, first and foremost, where’s your audience. Right. What does your audience want where do they consume content if your audience is a very heavily commuting audience and they go to the gym, a lot and they have multiples smart speakers in their home then guess what a podcast is probably the right choice

if your audience has is a smartphone first audience, which is increasing the case everywhere, but certainly for people who are under the age of 70 smartphone is first and foremost as a device for them. Then you want to focus on mobile first platforms for good or ill Facebook is an incredible mobile first platform and 90 something percent of their audience comes from mobility.

If people search for your product and know you by name or know your audit your industry by name if if searches how people first discover your company’s products and services. Guess what search engine marketing and SEO make a lot of sense. If you rely primarily on word of mouth and social media makes a lot of sense. So your first question is where’s the audience because if you’re not serving the audience, where they are, you’re going to lose. Second, what do you have capability to do so. Not everybody is willing to invest the time the effort to the money in smart devices and microphones and all this cool technology. So that may limit your ability to produce things like video or it may limit your ability to produce things like high quality audio

if you don’t have the time every day or frequently to invest in making great content. Then something like a high frequency content marketing campaign or camping a content marketing strategy may not make a lot of sense. You might be better off doing the highly curated or highly infrequent but you know gold only content strategy where you really something maybe once every three months,

but when you do. It’s unbelievable it. It keeps your your brand and your name top of funnel and top of mind for months at a time really good example of this, the company Edison research, my friend Tom Webster does this, he doesn’t blog very often and his company doesn’t publish new content. Very often, but when they do you always pay attention to a Pew Research same way they don’t publish, you know, just random direct every single day they publish in relatively infrequently in marketing terms but everything they have published a solid gold so you always share it and OSH Kaushik another example of that. So those the two considerations. Where’s the audience and then do you have the capability to meet the audience, where they are

my advice in this realm is to create content at a pace that you can sustain so if you cannot make content every day, don’t dry. If you simply don’t have the time and the resources. Don’t try because do it badly is worse than not doing it at all. If you create content that people just don’t want to pay attention to. It’s very hard to get that attention back once you make that first impression. That’s it.

People have so many other choices today for where they get their content that they do not need to put up with mediocre content they don’t have to put up with good content because at the touch of a button or tap of a phone, the best stuff for them in that moment is available.

If you want to make content relatively at scale. The best place to do that is with video because you can optimize video better so you can rip the audio out and becomes a podcast, you can rip the text from the audio and it becomes a blog post and so on so forth. You can do that at a much greater efficiency than trying to make individual pieces of content for every channel

if you’re not comfortable being on video screen something if you’re not comfortable even doing that then record audio and because you can at least still send that out for transcription. I’ve been playing with a new service called otter AI as far as I can tell, waltz still in beta it’s free it’s worth trying out because it allows you to submit your audio and transcribe it and get a somewhat readable transcription back and if you are making content professionally full time for marketing purposes and you can spend some time cleaning up the transcription, but you don’t have to do it from scratch, which is kind of nice. So

that’s the answer be where the audience’s Do what you can with what you are capable of doing. And if you can’t do it for some reason, but it’s still a strategic priority. You will have to hire you’ll have to invest, you’ll have to contract with an agency, you’ll have to partner, but if you know that your audience always gets its best information from YouTube, which is the second largest search engine on the planet. If you know that to be a case

and you want that to be performing channel you’ll have to invest it so thanks for the question. Buddy, as always, please subscribe to the newsletter and to the YouTube channel, which is where all the videos are stored. Even though I publish them all over the place they live on youtube so you can find them more easily just rearranged my channel. Last night we can find stuff a little more easily now. Thank you for watching. I’ll talk to you soon.

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