#ThriftyTuesday: Blatant Commercial Pitch

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#ThriftyTuesday_ Blatant Commercial Pitch

I’ve never understood marketers who add major shopping holidays AFTER the existing shopping holiday. For example, after Black Friday comes Small Business Saturday, followed by Sofa Sunday, Cyber Monday, and finally Giving Tuesday.

By the time consumers make it to the end of the Thanksgiving retail season, there isn’t a dollar left to be had. Why, then, as a marketer, would you keep adding shopping holidays onto the end of existing holidays?

Follow the smart money. Amazon calls this Black Friday deals week, and they kicked off on the Monday BEFORE the major holiday, to try to capture a greater share of wallet earlier, rather than later.

I’m following Amazon’s lead. From now until Weeping Wednesday (when you look at your bank account on November 29th), save 50% on any of my eBooks and 25% on training with the discount code THRIFTYTUESDAY:



Finally, if you’ve got a pitch to the audience for a retail item, consider moving up your calendar date to today or tomorrow if you can. Don’t wait for the last consumer dollar to be spent before running your promotion!

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