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One of the banes of travel for me has traditionally been the garment bag, which has been a royal pain in the butt. It’s large and unwieldy, it fits poorly in overhead compartments, and it gets jostled and crushed so much in the travel process that the garments inside don’t arrive any less wrinkled.

I figured there had to be another way to get your clothing from point A to point B without arriving looking like the Prime Minister of East Wrinklestan, and I found one after asking YouTube from the folks at Check out this method! I routinely manage to get 4 days of business clothes (including 2 suits and 3 dress shirts) in my roller bag and needs almost no straightening or ironing when I arrived.

How to pack a bag with a lot of clothing:

How to add a suit on top and make it arrive in decent condition:

I’ve been using this method for a few years now and love it. One extra tip – if your clothes do get a bit wrinkled, fill the iron (leave unplugged) in the room with cold, clean water. Put your garment on a hangar, then spray it with the iron’s water sprayer. Let hang dry and your garment will release many of the wrinkles. This works great, especially for garments which normally require dry cleaning.

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