Longform Video Is the Next Battleground for Marketers

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Spot the trend below:

The trend is straightforward: the major tech companies, now media tech companies, are vying for control of the giant screen in the living room, and the latest salvo from each company is a major one. The next battleground is longform video – TV and movies. This is no surprise to anyone (or shouldn’t be), but it begs a simple (not easy) question:

What’s our plan to adapt to these changes?

If our content marketing strategy doesn’t include original programming somewhere on our roadmap, then we’re missing the boat entirely. If we’re just cranking out text only, then not only did we miss the boat, we got lost on the way to the dock.

Why should we care? Consider that everything we see is driven by algorithm today. Facebook has already openly said they will give preference to longer form video as they attempt to conquer the living room. If we’re not playing along with what the media tech giants want, we risk either being left behind or facing exorbitant advertising costs to remain relevant.

How Do We Get Started With Longform Video?

The good news? In our pockets is most of the gear we need to get started. True, no smartphone is a full replacement for a professional video studio, but it’s a starting point for us to experiment with longer form video. Audiences will watch video that’s less than picture perfect as long as the content is entertaining, useful, or valuable.

What do we have to offer that’s valuable in longer form video? Right now, we likely have subject matter experts somewhere in our organizations which can answer one of two questions appropriate to long-form video:

  • What is X?
  • How do I do/use X?

Here’s a simple, easy way to start. Type in whatever your product or service is into Answer the Public. Let’s say I offer public speaking consultation. I type it in and it generates this wheel of questions:

answer the public.png

There’s my first hundred or so episodes, answering the questions people ask most about my topic.

Start here. Create longform video that answers your public.

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  1. Or, from the top down, come up with money to hire a filmmaker like myself. Warning; There are no filmmakers like me.

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