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Here’s a less-than-obvious tip for anyone with a group, brand page, or brand account on any social network, but especially Facebook:

Always create multiple admins!

Always have at least two administrators for any brand property you’re responsible for. Why? Stuff happens to your personal account:

  • Your personal account can be compromised, hacked.
  • Your password could be exposed.
  • Your account might accidentally be flagged for deletion.
  • Your account might be flagged as promoting spam or hate speech.

Any of these scenarios could result in your personal account being shut off – and if your brand’s page, group, or property has only you as the administrator, then you’re locked out of your company’s properties.

This tip is even more important for social media managers. Why? Consider what can happen:

  • Employees leave.
  • Employees are terminated.
  • Employees change duties or roles.
  • New employees are hired.

The last thing you want is to have your social media properties held hostage by an ex-employee. If an employee insists on solo control of your social media properties, strongly consider removing them from the role and assigning it to someone else.

If you’re a sole proprietor or individual practitioner, then appoint a trusted friend as a co-admin. You never want to be in a situation where your brand properties are out of your control.

Your homework assignment: go verify today that all your pages, groups, etc. have multiple admins.

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