New CMO First 97 Days, Part 1: Introduction

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Jeff recently asked if I had any stockpiled resources for a new CMO’s first 90/100 days. While I have lots of links and documents for individual tasks, I’ve never put pen to paper for a comprehensive look at what a senior marketing executive should consider in their first quarter at a company.

In this series, we’ll examine the first 90 days from a variety of perspectives and provide lots of links to different resources for more in-depth looks at individual topics. We’ll cover:

  • New Hire Fundamentals
  • Business Immersion
    • Strategy, Resources, and Business
  • Benchmarking
    • Brand, Marketing Infrastructure, and Measurement
  • Mapping
    • Buyer’s Journey, Customer Journey, and Marketing Operations
  • Setting Strategy
  • Choosing Tactics
  • Developing an Execution Plan
  • Reviewing Results

The series will be ideal for the new CMO or VP of Marketing, but is equally applicable to those of us who have been in the role for a while and need to reboot, or whose businesses have undergone a profound change. As we head towards a new quarter, perhaps you’ll find it helpful for rebooting your own marketing.

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