Digital CX Conference In Review: Top Takeaways

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To close out my duties as the Digital Customer Experience conference chair, let’s take a look at the top takeaways from this year’s Digital Customer Experience conference. Using my favorite assortment of data blending and visualization tools, I grabbed the entire conference’s hashtags to determine what was most highly engaged.

Zendesk’s Dave Dyson showcased why asking customers for their input via a hashtag, without context, and without knowing how your customers feel can lead to awkward social media interactions:

Dyson also said the justification for CX is easy at the most progressive companies:

Citi’s Judy Bloch flat out told us what CX projects need to succeed:

What must the customer journey include? Peter Haid offered this:

Finally, a summary of the necessity of qualitative and quantitative study made the rounds:

CX, and especially digital CX, is a nascent discipline. We’ve still got so much to learn, so much to explore. Thank you to the Strategy Institute for allowing me the privilege of hosting the event.

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