1-Question Survey: Machine-Generated Audio Blog

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Last week, one of my employees said that they would prefer audio versions of content for their lengthy commute. That got me thinking – while I don’t have time to custom-record every blog post I write, I could easily generate audio versions of my blog using Watson.

I’ve been experimenting with IBM’s Watson Developer Cloud, which contains dozens of useful services for marketers and content creators. One of the services is a large-scale text-to-speech translator which turns the written word into the spoken word.

Would you listen? Here’s a sample:

If nothing shows, please click here.

In case you’re wondering, this particular voice (IBM Allison) is clearest for me to hear against typical road noise in my car. If a significant number of people vote in favor of a machine-generated audio blog, this is likely the voice I’ll use.

Please take this one-question survey and let me know if you’d listen!

Audio Blog Survey

Audio Blog Survey


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One response to “1-Question Survey: Machine-Generated Audio Blog”

  1. Would much rather hear the inflection, pauses and other emotion that come with a real human being reading the content.

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