We’ve covered an enormous amount of ground in this guide. Let’s recap:

That’s a lot to do, and each piece has supplementary reading. However, all of this is achievable; almost all of it can be done from your smartphone.


One expectation from part 1 I need to reiterate is that marketing and growing a business takes time. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll open your doors and be an instant success; while such fairy tale stories do rarely happen, they’re extremely uncommon.

What about…?

When you read about marketing on the Internet, almost everyone has an opinion of the right way it should be done. Like any discipline, practice, or craft, marketing takes time to practice and learn. This guide isn’t for the experienced adult professional marketing expert who’s trying all the new shiny objects as they roll out. This guide is for that adult’s kids.

In the same way it would be highly irresponsible to enroll a child who’s never done martial arts in a black belt class instead of a white belt class, it would be highly irresponsible for a professional marketer to overload their kids with every possible marketing tool, tactic, and strategy. Master the basics first! (a lesson many adult marketers should heed as well)

Thank you!

Thank you for reading and sharing this series! I wish you all success in your marketing and business ideas.

marketing ride

Marketing can be a lot of fun; it’s the ride that never ends. Thanks for spending some time with me on it.

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