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My newest book, Leading Innovation, debuts on Monday. Here’s a sneak peek about implementing innovation as a framework.

Innovation doesn’t happen in a bubble. We need others to embrace it. We need an innovation cookbook, a set of recipes — of tactics — the rest of our team can read. How do we create an innovation cookbook?

We use something I innovated: the LEAD framework.


Innovation is a question of risk. If our executives choose poorly based on a strategy we’ve suggested, their career is at risk — and so is ours. To mitigate that risk, our stakeholders need to see our strategy and how we’re going to put it into play.

“Let’s give it a go” and “trust me” proposals are a direct pathway to failure. Remember: your plan isn’t going to be perfect. Part of innovation is remaining open to new possibilities.

That’s where the LEAD framework comes in. Working through this framework will help you build your innovation plan. Use it as the basis for choosing tactics to fit your strategy. Use it as the starting point, the model for explaining how innovation will fit into your organization.

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