Digital Marketing Trends, Part 5 of 5: Winners and Losers

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As part of the daily curation I do with #the5, I get a chance from time to time to aggregate all the news I collect to look for trends. In the last of our 5 part series, we’re going to examine how the key trends I’ve outlined this week apply to various marketing platforms.

First, let’s quickly review the trends:

social trends 2015.jpg

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Discontent Marketing: we still haven’t figured out content marketing, which is largely because we still haven’t figured out content marketing measurement.

Broadcast Social: we’ve given up all pretense of social being anything other than a broadcast channel; change your strategy to mirror the reality.

Video ‘Games’: everyone is jumping into video, but resist the urge to make video one-size-fits-all; instead, customize for each platform’s strengths.

Make It Stick: algorithms from SEO to email to social reward bringing back users; be proactive in bringing users to reap the rewards of algorithm favoritism.

When we look over the landscape of things like SEO, email marketing, social media, etc. how do these trends impact our work?

Email Marketing

Email comes out a winner on Broadcast Social and Make It Stick because email is supremely good at getting people’s attention and bringing them to the places we want them to go. Additionally, email has long had some of the most solid marketing metrics, which allow us to make our content marketing work in the channel.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO takes on new importance in helping get your videos found, especially on YouTube, but it’s still not as tightly coupled with Broadcast Social or other content marketing metrics. SEO doesn’t do much for proactive stickiness either, so it’s a mixed bag here. In terms of your SEO efforts, being found in search will continue to be vital, but it won’t be leading edge stuff that helps you distinguish yourself.

Paid Media

Paid media will continue to be a big loser if you don’t have solid measurement, as you’ll just keep flinging money out the door with no results. However, if you’ve got measurement down, paid media becomes the biggest winner winner across the board. It’s rapidly becoming the first choice for directing attention where you want it to go, from videos to social media posts. As long as you’ve got the money to spend, paid media can attach booster rockets to these trends.

Social Media

Social media is a loser if you’re still operating in the early days mindset. If all you’re about is hugs and kittens, social will continue to under deliver and under perform. If you adopt the Broadcast Social mindset, move components to the appropriate parts of the funnel, and understand the landscape, you’ll be well positioned to take advantage of the current environment.

Public Relations

Disclosure: I work for a PR agency. That said, PR stands to be the biggest loser as an industry if PR doesn’t come to grasp with the landscape. Press releases are about the worst, least interesting form of content in the world, and traditional PR doesn’t even consider the impact of Broadcast Social, Video Games, or Make It Stick. On the flip side, if you as a PR practitioner understand and embrace the roles of video, of content marketing, of effective measurement, and of algorithmic thinking, then you stand to seize a massive amount of market share from the laggards.


These trends aren’t set in stone; they will change over time, and we’ll revisit them in another quarter or two. For now, change what you need to change so that you’re ahead of the curve.

Digital Marketing Trends, Mid-2015 Edition
  1. Discontent Marketing
  2. Broadcast Social
  3. Video Games
  4. Make It Stick
  5. Winners and Losers

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