When you want to hit a target, do you walk up to it with a large hammer and hit it? Or do you nock an arrow and pierce it with a well-aimed shot?

When you want to amplify the flavor of a dish, do you add more of every ingredient? Or do you find a particular spice, a specific flavor, and add just more of that?

When you want to be heard in a loud room, do you simply shout louder? Or do you whistle, tap a glass, or even sing one musical note?

All three of these are examples of how to apply force in a focused way to generate an effective result. As the digital space gets noisier, more crowded, and more complex, your ability to scale, to be everywhere, diminishes commensurately.

To be heard, to be seen, to be sensed, you must find a point to put your strength behind. Is Facebook your thing? Go all in on it, and give less and less to the things that aren’t your strength.

Try this simple test. Open your Google Analytics. Find your traffic acquisition by Source/Medium (Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium):

all traffic source medium.jpg

Look at the top 10 things generating traffic to your site, assuming that traffic is a significant goal. Consider all of the things you do every day that aren’t on this list. What’s the opportunity cost of doing those things versus doing more of the things above that are clearly working?

Play to your strengths. The alternative is to dabble, exert a little focus everywhere, and get nowhere.

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