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On August 26, Instagram debuted a new app for iOS devices called Hyperlapse.


Hyperlapse is beautifully simple: record video with it and it will accelerate it between 6x and 12x, add motion stabilization, and publish it for you. You can use the Instagram platform or simply pull it off your mobile device for other purposes. I took this video of a portion of my commute to work at sunrise and fed it to Hyperlapse:

Hyperlapse Commute to Work

This video was shot using my iPad and a dashboard mount (hands-free for safety!) over the span of 15 minutes. The app did a wonderful job of smoothing out the many, many, MANY bumps in the road (because taxpayer dollars pay for the existence of roads, but not necessarily their quality) and then I added Matthew Ebel’s “Drive Away” in post-production.

For marketers, Hyperlapse offers some easy potential to take long snippets of video and then condense them down, from conferences to trade shows to events. It’s full motion video, as opposed to time-lapse (which will make its debut in iOS 8 natively), so if you need additional smoothness (in exchange for only 12x acceleration), Hyperlapse is a good choice. It’s absurdly simple to use, and I foresee some neat uses for it. For example, the Parrot and DJI drones can have iPhones attached to them (typically by a Joby mount), so imagine combining a drone’s flight abilities with a Hyperlapse video.

The only limitation I see right now is that Hyperlapse can’t import existing video – you have to shoot raw video with the app itself for it to process the video and apply its signature stabilization and acceleration. The price is right (free), so get it and see what you can do with it.

Click here to download in the Apple App Store.

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