Rebuilding and championship years

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MASFAA Closing Ceremonies at Fenway Park

As nearly every sports team fan knows, some years you’re rebuilding. Some years you’re champions. As a Bostonian, I’ve seen both. The Red Sox didn’t just have a rebuilding year, they had rebuilding decades, but they found the magic mix. The same is true for the Patriots and other teams.

Where people get frustrated isn’t when a team is clearly in one phase. Again, Red Sox fans knew they were in a long, long rebuilding cycle and expectations were exceptionally low. Patriots fans in Super Bowl years knew they were dynastic champions and expectations, while high, were met over and over again.

Where people get frustrated is believing something that isn’t true. It’s believing that your team are champions and they don’t perform. It’s even believing that it’s going to be a down year and the opposite is true. You’re almost afraid to hope, certain you’ll be let down.

All of this isn’t just true for sports teams and franchises. It’s true for your business, your marketing, your effectiveness. If key executives or team members depart, then it’s imperative that you set the expectations that you’re about to head into a rebuilding cycle. You won’t hit your numbers, and no amount of wishing, cajoling, or ordering is going to change the fact that you’re in a rebuilding cycle.

Likewise, if you’re at the top of your game, be at the top of your game. Market like the rockstar that you are and Get Stuff Done without hesitation, because the good times won’t last forever. You won’t have your MVPs for life, so take the field and dominate while you are able to do so.

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