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In any given news topic, in any given industry that you’re trying to perform marketing in, there will be things that people are parroting mindlessly, and the reality is that you will not get the juice – the marketing results – you want if all you do is make reruns of other peoples’ reruns. For example, the topics of when is the best or worst time to tweet, post to Facebook, send email, etc. have been beaten to death, resurrected from death as undead topics, then beaten again.

So what can you do if you’re trying to find something new in a field full of sameness? Let me tell you a quick story about leftovers.

Growing up, my parents had a nearly legendary collection of Tupperware and Corningware containers for storing leftovers, something my brother and I were never especially thrilled with. Leftovers, especially in the early days of family homes having microwaves (and thus having people try to cook everything and anything in the microwave), tended not to fare so well. The worst were the infinite leftovers. Thanksgiving turkey would last a week, possibly two. The same for Christmas ham, New Year’s crown roast, etc. Reheated and reheated until they barely resembled the beautiful dishes they were the first time around.

Quiche with Potatoes, Leek, Bacon & Wine

Now, later in life, I’ve learned that all you really need to do with leftovers to make them more interesting is to just add a couple of new ingredients to turn leftovers into something new. Yes, the bulk of the dish is a rerun, but add either eggs, garlic, or cheese to something and it’s like a whole new meal. Mac and cheese leftovers? Add eggs, now you have quiche. Turkey? Chop it up, add garlic, fry quickly, and toss on just about anything.

The same is true of your ability to get creative with things other people have already talked about. That doesn’t mean you have to always be inventing something brand new. It does mean you need to adapt and transform a topic into something unique, something that’s yours, that’s got your brand’s unique flavor. What added flavor, what added spice can you contribute that will make something old into something new?

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