What carpenter has a hammer strategy?

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Easton, Pennsylvania

Imagine for a second considering hiring a carpenter to build you a house.

Would you feel comfortable if the first thing he asked was, “So, would you like to hear about my hammer strategy?”

What if he followed that up with “Of course, I also have a screwdriver strategy and a drill strategy and even (ooh) a nail gun strategy!”

At that point, you’d probably be a little concerned about the house you were going to get, and rightly so. He hasn’t actually talked about what he’s going to build.

You’d probably feel more comfortable about a carpenter asking you what kind of house you want to live in. How many bedrooms, where do you want the kitchen, how tall should the foyer’s ceilings be, how many kids do you have, how large is the lot, etc. The blueprint of the house becomes the story of the life you’ll live in it.

Why, as marketers, are we constantly asking ourselves, our partners, our vendors, and our customers, about things like link building strategy, email strategy, Twitter strategy, Facebook strategy, SEO strategy, PPC strategy, etc.? If we wouldn’t live in a house built by a carpenter with a hammer strategy, why would we work in a business built by a marketer with a social media strategy?

Focus on the blueprint of the company you want to build. Focus on the story of the company you want to market. The tools will naturally fall in line if you know how to use them.

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2 responses to “What carpenter has a hammer strategy?”

  1. PERFECT analogy.

    I’m still looking for a baker with a frosting strategy, but haven’t found them yet.

  2. Steve Woodruff Avatar
    Steve Woodruff

    Hoping I don’t run into a commercial airline pilot with a flap strategy…

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