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For the last 15 years, I have been packing up and taking off early from work on the first Friday of October to head out to the woods of Sudbury, Massachusetts for New England Warrior Camp (NEWC). This year, I’m not. Why? New England Warrior Camp retired last year, after an amazing 15 year run.

11 years on the path

When NEWC first started, for a sense of perspective, Amazon.com was still selling just books and had just gone public. Google.com had been registered by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, but was still an experimental project hosted by Stanford University. There were a whopping 70 million people on the entire planet that had Internet access of any kind. There were questions about whether Dell would buy the tattered remains of a company called Apple Computer, Inc. and the company had just brought back its founder, Steve Jobs, to try to revive its flagging fortunes.

When something runs for 15 years, you tend to think of it as permanent, as something that will always be there. That leads to a dangerous sense of complacency. You start to take things for granted that shouldn’t be. “Oh, I can put things off, it’ll be there next year.” The reality is that impermanence pervades everything, even the things that seem like permanent, fixed institutions.

When life reminds you, via smaller things like favorite events coming to an end, that everything is impermanent, use it as a reminder to take advantage of the bigger things rather than a source of disappointment. Don’t skip that child’s event, that family dinner, that opportunity to give a hug or tell a loved one how you feel. In the end, all that shall pass, too. Our martial tradition has the phrase shikin haramitsu daikomyo – every moment is an opportunity to reach enlightenment. It’s also a cautionary warning that wasting any moment on the things that don’t matter or things you’d prefer not to be doing deprives you of priceless time to take advantage of the opportunities while they last.

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