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One of the most powerful aspects of Google Reader that almost no one knows about is its ability to create reading lists, or bundles, that other people can share and enjoy. Today, we’re going to look at how to share the best of the best with your friends.

First and foremost, there’s no obvious way to do this. It’s completely hidden in the interface, one of the many cool things that Google has hidden in favor of promoting Google+ everywhere. Look under Browse for Stuff, then choose Create a Bundle:

Google Reader (547)

Next, create a name for your bundle and start scrolling through your list of blogs. Drag and drop all of the blogs that you want to share with friends into your bundle:

Google Reader (548)

Finally, hit save and you’re presented with a series of options for sharing:

Google Reader (548)

Email, unsurprisingly, sends an email with a link back to Google Reader. Adding links or widgets to your blog does exactly that. The real gem here is the OPML file, which is a downloadable file that you can send to friends for use in many other applications, rather than just Google Reader. Google Reader can import OPML files, of course. But other users of other blog reading platforms can import OPML files as well – it’s the universal standard for sharing blogs.

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What bundles will you share, now that you know how to?

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