Sunset what doesn’t work

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At the end of every month, as an affiliate marketer, I get lots of reports. Some of them come with money attached, which I enjoy, and some do not:

Avangate Affiliate Sales Report 2012-07-31 (Affiliate ID: 32478) - - Gmail

This program is obviously going away for me. It’s not performing, and thus it has to go, because that space can be used for something else.

Here’s a simple (but not easy) question to ask yourself: how much stuff do you have laying around in your own marketing programs that’s not performing? Why haven’t you sunset it, let it go into graceful retirement?

It’s harder than you think. Sometimes it’s a business partner that’s also a friend. Sometimes it’s a program that used to work well. But right now, in this day and age of rapid responsiveness and even more rapidly changing conditions, we can ill afford to hold onto things that aren’t working.

It takes courage to let go, but the alternative is to hold on to iron weights while sinking.

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