Bestselling Amazon books list for Q1 2012

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Dayton Ohio Airport Bestseller Book Rack

One of the handiest things that affiliate programs like Amazon do is summarize what people have been ordering – not just from the links you share, but from anything they buy on Amazon during that same shopping trip. As a result, you get a terrific list of what people are reading with your affiliate marketing reports, which I’m happy to share here as a tongue-in-cheek “bestseller” list.

This list is for the first quarter of 2012. It’s interesting and telling to note that in terms of items bought, there were a total of 15 paper books bought and 37 Kindle eBooks. Obviously, there’s a bit of skew in that data, since my Marketing White Belt book is one of the items I share most heavily, but even if you remove mine, you still have 20 eBooks sold to 15 paper ones for the quarter.

The other oddity I noticed is that all the paper books are marketing books only, while there’s plenty of non-marketing and fiction in the eBooks order list. I’m not sure why that is, other than maybe people do more impulse shopping for eBooks?


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