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Have you ever had a glimpse of the greater you?

Maybe you reacted in an emergency with greater speed, confidence, or strength than you thought possible.

Maybe one day you were forced by a sense of needing to pause, only to be confronted with an amazing sunset or the perfect evening breeze.

Maybe in a rare crisis something woke up inside you, compelling you to lead, to take charge.

Maybe in a stressful situation you reached inside yourself and found more will to win than you ever knew was there.

Some of these moments may be recent. Some of them may be years or even decades ago, but they were so profound that you can’t forget about them. They recur in dreams and memories, dates and places etched in your mind as firmly as if they were carved in granite.

I remember one moment in the spring of 1999 in my little apartment in Allston, Massachusetts. It wasn’t the best or worst apartment, but it did have a nice front room that faced the morning sun. At that moment, laying on my futon couch, the sun washing in the windows created a moment that was pure magic. I felt completely free of everything, a part of the light and the light a part of me. I don’t remember how long I was in that space. It could have been a moment or an hour. But it was a moment when I learned that true peace lived inside of me, if I had the ability to quiet everything and find it. It was a moment of perfect beauty.

These moments in your life are not accidental. They are not random. Above all else, they are not exceptions to the rule. They reflect the times when circumstances, energy, and our will align to let us tap into our fullest power, our fullest potential. They are the moments of living proof that we can be far more than we think, that life can be far more wonderful and rich than we usually see.

The wonderful secret is this: they’re happening all around you, every day, like flashes of lightning briefly showing the world around you in the dark. These moments of clarity aren’t isolated instances or lucky chances in life because they’re not supposed to be. They are how your life should be the majority of your days. All that you need to do – and it’s simple, but certainly not easy – is look for them.

Take a deep breath, pause for the moment, and ask yourself this: of what is around me right now, what can I truly enjoy? Of what is around me right now, what can I truly act on? Of what is around me, what must I remove from my life?

Do this inventory as many times per day as you can remember, and before long, your life will be composed of these moments, strung together like jewels in a necklace.

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  1. I would give a try & hopefully as you mentioned let the life be composed of these moments, strung together like jewels in a necklace.

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