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In my next newsletter coming out some time next week, I’ll be experimenting with premium content using Blue Sky Factory’s Publicaster email marketing software. I’ve just about got all the pieces assembled and figured out, so that everyone will get the newsletter, but premium members will see more content in the actual newsletter than non-premium members. For example, a paragraph or a section might not be included for non-premium members, but would be there for premium members.

If you’d like to participate in this, it’s really easy to become a premium member, and no money is required. Just make sure you are subscribed with all of the information filled out on the newsletter page. What I’m going to do is pretty simple: I’ll do a database export of everyone who provided complete information and mark you as premium. If you’re already subscribed, make sure your information is updated so that everything is filled out.

What sort of premium content will be included that would make it worth it? I’ll drop this hint: some of my favorite WordPress plugins (and why).

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