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Regardless of what you think of (party) or (candidate) or (incumbent), regardless of how badly broken you think (political body) is or how corrupt (government process) is, go vote. Not sure who to vote for?

  • Vote for people who support the things you support.
  • If you like things more or less how they are now, the people who are marked Incumbent on your ballots are in part responsible for that. Vote for them.
  • If you don’t like things how they are now, vote for someone who doesn’t have Incumbent next to their name.
  • Vote for people who participate in the communities you care about – local communities or digital ones.
  • Virtually every politician out there is running a Twitter account now. @reply to the ones on your ballot and see who responds. If they’re not listening now, they won’t be listening in office either. Let that guide your vote a tiny little bit.

Whatever your methodology, whatever your choices, exercise them. Unless you’re a wealthy old white male landowner, chances are once upon a time in this nation you would not have had the right to vote. You do now. Use it.

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