Repairs completed!

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Many thanks – no, HUGE thanks – to someone for repairing the home base here with a fresh install and leaving my old hosting company, which has had huge security issues for its shared hosting service.

Big thanks also to everyone who noted that the blog was having some serious issues over the last week. After reinstalling just about everything from the ground up, Chel got the place cleaned up nicely and Google has certified that the place is free of malware and other nasty bugs.

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Repairs completed! 1 Repairs completed! 2 Repairs completed! 3

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3 responses to “Repairs completed!”

  1. redcrew Avatar

    Glad the site is back up! Which host did you move to? And how did Google certify the site is free of malware & other bugs?

  2. Congratulations Christopher that your blog is back. Thanks God the issue resolved. I really missed your absence, in fact I was in tears. If this could happen to your blog it can happen to any blog. I’ve now strengthened all my passwords, registered all my blogs with google webmaster tools to know any Malware in advance.

    My personal BIG thanks to Michelle for her help in bringing my favorite blog online.

  3. Muchly happy to help.

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