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New England XPOI’ll be doing a webinar on July 23 at 2 PM Eastern on 21st century email marketing, put on by my employer, Blue Sky Factory. In the webinar, I’ll be going over the 5 things every email marketer wants:

  1. More audience
  2. More delivery
  3. More opens
  4. More actions
  5. More/better metrics

In terms of value, I’ll be covering a lot of new material, including what things you should be testing (we all talk about the importance of testing but no one ever helps you judge what should be tested in the first place), new ideas for content, and nearly instant ways to measure ROI.

I’ve given previous versions of this talk at marketing conferences that charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to attend. This webinar will be almost-free. There’s no out of pocket monetary cost, but in the spirit of full disclosure and setting expectations, you’ll get email and probably a phone call from a sales rep afterwards. The price of attendance is your attention, time, and a little bit of disk space for the email and voice mail message. If you think that’s a good value, then please feel free to sign up by clicking here.

Lame FTC disclosure: Blue Sky Factory is my employer and thus your attendance at this webinar provides direct financial benefit to me. If I don’t suck at what I do, it should provide indirect financial benefit to you, too via making you a better marketer.

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My upcoming webinar: email marketing for the 21st century 1 My upcoming webinar: email marketing for the 21st century 2 My upcoming webinar: email marketing for the 21st century 3

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