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UPDATED: Twitpocalypse postponed to August 31, 2010


Are you ready for the Twitpocalypse?

WhaleOn June 30, 2010, Twitter will change forever. For many of you, your favorite widgets, sites, clients, and applications will shatter. Twitter will simply stop working for you in the way you’re used to.


Twitter announced a really, really long time ago that on June 30, 2010, they’re ending support for basic HTTP authentication, and requiring that all applications that access Twitter via the API change to OAuth authentication. This is being done for security purposes, to make Twitter more secure and accounts less vulnerable to hijacking.

How do you know if you’ll be affected?

Simple. Any application, site, widget, etc. that requires you to type in your Twitter username and password will stop working once Twitter flips the switch. This includes software like popular desktop clients, iPhone apps, and services like TwitPic and many others.

Any application, site, widget, etc. that requires you to “authorize” an application will continue to work as intended.

What can you do if you will be affected?

Plan for a short time to use the Twitter web site until your favorite tools convert over to OAuth if they’re not already on OAuth. Contact the manufacturers of your favorite tools to let them know to switch over to OAuth if they still ask you to type in a username and password today. Find alternatives to your favorites on sites like OneForty.com by searching for applications which specifically use OAuth. If you’re highly dependent on an application or service that uses Basic Authentication and there’s no sign it’ll be ready for the switchover, let your friends and followers know where to find you besides Twitter.

Ultimately, the switch to OAuth is an important one and a good one, but there will definitely be some pain along the way. Be ready now.

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Are you ready for the Twitpocalypse? 1 Are you ready for the Twitpocalypse? 2 Are you ready for the Twitpocalypse? 3

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