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Which is the real home?

Imagine yourself standing inside your home (be it an apartment, condo, house, or other place to live) and looking out the window. See the world as it passes by, see the seasons come and go.

Now, change places. Imagine yourself standing outside your home, looking in the window. See life as you live it, meals served and eaten, holidays celebrated in the way you do at home.

Here’s a question: Which view is the REAL home?

What a ludicrous question, huh? They’re both your home, from different perspectives. Outside looking in or inside looking out, it’s still your home, just from different points of view. They’re both real, both valid.

Seems logical, doesn’t it?

So why do so many of us work so terribly hard at managing others’ perceptions of ourselves as separate and distinct entities from how we see ourselves?

Imagine how strange a home it would be if you had separate, one-way windows for looking out and for looking in. Wouldn’t that be a little creepy? Wouldn’t that be horribly inefficient?

The closer you can get to looking out the same window that everyone else is looking in, the fewer windows you have to maintain and keep clean, and the easier it will be for you and the world to see eye to eye.

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