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Glass swordGamers old enough to remember Ultima’s role playing game back in the 80s and 90s will remember one of the most treasured weapons of all, the glass sword. This powerful weapon was both incredibly strong and yet incredibly weak. It held one promise: use it on an enemy for a guaranteed kill, but shatter it in the process, rendering it useless. It was the ultimate one-shot weapon, and it was indeed a rare treasure that you’d only use when things got dire. Certainly, you’d never use it for something mundane.

Think about all of the tools, strategies, and tactics you have at your disposal as a marketer. What’s your glass sword, your one unbeatable weapon that you save for the rainiest of rainy days, knowing you’ll shatter it in the process? What resource do you hold back until things are really dire, knowing that there probably WILL be something worth invoking it for?

If you as a marketer don’t have a glass sword somewhere in your arsenal, why not?

If you as a marketer do have a glass sword, how can you get more than one?

What is your glass sword? Love to hear about it in the comments!

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What's your glass sword? 1 What's your glass sword? 2 What's your glass sword? 3

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