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One of the enduring misconceptions in marketing is that it takes a long time, a lot of work, and a lot of resources to truly empower a brand, to make it stick in your head, and to eventually be a part of your mental calculus when you go to buy something later on.

That misconception is still wrong. Brand, empowered by story and emotion, can smack you in the face with a 2×4 and instantly become powerful and memorable, if you do it right.

Here’s an example of doing it right. Watch this short video for just two minutes.

Do you remember it? Do you know what Love 146 is about? Can you remember the story and the emotion behind it, the emotions it evoked in you?

This was one of the most powerful stories I’d heard at the Optimization Summit. Love 146 was created by Rob Morris and this particularly excellent story example was created by Geno Church as part of Brains on Fire’s work to help Love 146 tell its mesmerizing story.

Ze Frank once quipped that a brand is an emotional aftertaste from a set of experiences, and that’s never been more true. What does your brand evoke emotionally? Does it evoke anything emotionally at all? What aftertaste do you leave in the brains of your customers and prospects?

If your customers and prospects feel nothing when they interact with you, then you’re a utility. You’re a commodity. You’re instantly replaceable because there’s no compelling emotional reason that keeps others – your friends, your employer, your customers – engaged.

How hard can your story, your brand, and you hit?

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How hard can a brand hit? 1 How hard can a brand hit? 2 How hard can a brand hit? 3

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