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Ever lost someone you cared about?

Ever faced impossible odds or certain defeat?

The difference in life between those for whom events and circumstances crush them and those who overwhelm their circumstances to success (or at least a decent Pyrrhic victory) is all in how we approach them.

For some, escaping loss and sorrow is the best way out. We retreat from the circumstances, we get away, we change our context so that the loss doesn’t hurt nearly as much, so that it’s not in our faces all the time. We take the measured break from the life we lead to reset, reboot, and find our way out of blinding sadness. One day, we wake up from the nightmare and can live again.

For others, we work together to overcome our respective sorrows. We teach where and when we can to help others just starting out on their journeys how to overcome initial obstacles, maybe how to take that time off, and in the process of teaching, we learn and grow ourselves. We find that sometimes the best advice is coming from us, but we just forgot to get the memo. One day we wake up, realize that we’ve been teaching ourselves as well as others, and we are healed of our woes.

For a select few who are especially courageous and especially willing to subject ourselves to the fire, we dive straight into our misery and like a blacksmith pounding iron into swords, we find it within ourselves to twist and reshape our sorrows into motivators. We turn loss into gain, sadness into resoluteness, anguish into unyielding will to do more, be more, achieve more in the face of what we’ve lost. We honor the past by forging the brightest future we can. One day we wake up and realize we’ve become greater than we ever could have been without our loss, and in a wonderful, poignant irony we become thankful for hearing the lessons of our sorrows and being richer for it.

Whichever pathway you choose, may you find your way home.

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