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Ever had a New Year’s Resolution go bad?

Ever fallen off the tracks in the start of a new year and had it impact your whole year?

Why wait until the ball drops in Times Square when you can drop the ball right now?

I’ve been failing December – intentionally – and loving it. This month, I’m trying out new stuff, going back and doing maintenance on previous failures, and watching things explode fairly spectacularly. Why? Because if I figure out all the failure points now, while I can mentally group all the failures in the bucket of 2009, then by the time I move into 2010, I’ll already have figured out where the landmines are.

A couple of examples:

I’ve failed at running several times. I started again at the beginning of this month and failed almost immediately, but asked around a few folks as to what I was doing wrong. I said, hey, I’m just doing this for fitness, not for competition or anything – why am I failing at casual running? Immediately a few folks pointed out the obvious – even casual running demands reasonably good shoes for avoiding damage, plus some basic changes to nutrition. I’ve since resumed with less failure.

I’ve failed at maintaining one of my web sites, the FAFSA guide site I run. This month, I’ve been cleaning it up with the help of some wicked smart coworkers and found entirely new power tools in things I thought I knew how to use (my text editor, it turns out, has nuclear options!) that make me spectacularly more powerful. Just today I discovered a function that in the past I would have needed if I’d known to look for it. The process of failing has led to some great new tools to carry into 2010.

Icecrown Citadel, the last patch of the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King expansion, is dropping this month. Some folks say it’ll be December 8, other folks say later. No matter when it drops, I anticipate a rich bounty of complete failure at the various wings of the Citadel by our guild – and in doing so, we’ll become even more proficient at the roles we play, so that when the New Year rolls around, our sad little army will instead be a battle-hardened platoon ready to take on the Lich King himself.

What are you going to fail at (and learn from) this month, so that prospects for success with your resolutions for the New  Year is greatly increased?

How can you start failing today for success tomorrow?

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