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Want to save money and still eat well? Try this stupidly simple office breakfast that’s low carb, high protein, cheap as can be, and tasty. All the materials together will probably give you about 10 days’ worth of breakfast and cost only 2 days’ worth. You’ll need:

1. A pack of fajita wraps. I tend to use a medium size.
2. A packet of shredded cheese. Jalapeno jack if you like spicy, otherwise the shredded cheese of your choice.
3. A carton of eggs or a carton of Better than Eggs. Either is fine.
4. Pinch of salt and black pepper.
5. A microwave.
6. A fork.

Here’s how you do it. In a plastic, microwave safe dish (clean used takeout containers work fine), pour just enough scrambled egg mix (either beaten with a fork or from the carton, with or without salt and pepper) to cover the bottom. Pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds. It’ll inflate like a balloon, then deflate, which is funny to watch, but fine to eat.

2 minute office breakfast

On a separate microwave safe plate, put a fajita wrapper down and sprinkle some cheese on it, just enough to cover the middle. Microwave for 30 seconds or until the cheese melts, whichever comes first.

2 minute office breakfast

Scrape out the egg from the plastic container and put it on the cheese.

2 minute office breakfast

Roll it up, wait for it to cool down a bit, and eat.

2 minute office breakfast

It’s delicious, it’s convenient, it’s MUCH cheaper than anything you buy on a per serving basis, and it’s faster to boot than running downstairs/upstairs/across the street. Nutritionally, a high protein breakfast will deliver more consistent long term energy than a carb heavy breakfast, too.

Be sure to clean and reuse the dish and fork for extra savings.

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